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"Chris Ebenezer" <>
13 Jul 1997 11:35:52 -0400

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From: "Chris Ebenezer" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 13 Jul 1997 11:35:52 -0400
Organization: Bell Northern Research
References: 97-07-045
Keywords: code, OOP, C

David Stes ( wrote:
: But note that gcc is a two-pass compiler, not a three-pass, as
: this entirely new compiler... gcc doesn't output intermediate C code.

: Having intermediate C code is interesting if you want to use
: Objective-C on some platforms with good native C compilers,
: some new high-end IRIX workstations (MIPS-pro C compiler),
: or some HP-UX workstations with the PA-RISC cc.

Is it possible to compile the compiler using the objective C compiler, or
does the source use extensions not present in gnu-objc ?
The reason I ask, is that it would seem that for certain platforms only
limited binaries are supported, i.e the Linux platform has no 486 binary
and only a few 586 binaries.


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