Forthcoming articles in ACM TOPLAS (ACM TOPLAS)
31 Mar 1997 15:21:52 -0500

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Forthcoming articles in ACM TOPLAS (1997-03-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 Mar 1997 15:21:52 -0500
Organization: U of Maryland, Dept. of Computer Science, Coll. Pk., MD 20742
Keywords: journal, WWW

The following papers will appear in the March 1997 issue of
TOPLAS. This issue should appear on the web in the next few days (I
hope) and be mailed in April:

* Pure versus Impure Lisp
    Nicholas Pippenger
    Submitted 3/96

* Incremental Computation of Dominator Trees
    Vugranam Sreedhar, Guang Gao, and Yong-fong Lee
    Submitted 8/95

* Abstract Interpretation of Reactive Systems
    Dennis Dams, Rob Gerth and Orna Grumberg
    Submitted 5/94

* Protocol specifications and component adaptors
    Daniel Yellin and Robert Strom
    Submitted 5/95

* Formally-based profiling for higher-order functional languages
    Patrick M. Sansom and Simon L. Peyton Jones
    Submitted 2/96

* Symbolic Model Checking for Event-Driven Real-Time Systems
    Jin Yang, Aloysius K. Mok, and Farn Wang
    Submitted 5/95

The following papers are all of the accepted TOPLAS papers that have
not yet been scheduled. These should appear in the May and July issues
(with a good bit of room left over). These are not yet available on-line
from the TOPLAS web page; pre-prints may become available soon
(a note will be posted when this occurs).

* Parallelizing Non-Numerical Code with Selective Scheduling
and Software Pipelining
    Soo-Mook Moon and Kemal Ebcioglu
    Submitted 6/94

* Slicing Real-Time Programs for Enhanced Schedulability
    Richard Gerber and Seongsoo Hong
    Submitted 4/95

* On the use of Regular Expressions for Searching Text
    Charles L.A. Clarke and Gordon V. Cormack
    Submitted 7/95

* A Refinement Calculus for the Synthesis of Verified Hardware
Descriptions in VHDL
    Peter T. Breuer, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Andres Marin Lopez,
Natividad Martinez Madrid, and Luis Sanchez Fernandez
    Submitted 9/95

* Specifying Representations of Machine Instructions
    Norman Ramsey and Mary F. Fernandez
    Submitted 12/95

* Interprocedural Control Flow Analysis of First-Order Programs
with Tail Call Optimization
    Saumya Debray and Todd A. Proebsting
    Submitted 5/96

* Kleene Algebra with Tests
    Dexter Kozen
    Submitted 5/96

* Optimal Control Dependence Computation and the Roman Chariots Problem
    Keshav Pingali and Gianfranco Bilardi
    Submitted 7/96

* Utilizing Symmetry when Model Checking under Fairness Assumptions:
An Automata-theoretic Approach
    E. A. Emerson and A. P. Sistla
    Submitted 7/96

* Formal Derivation of Efficient Parallel Programs by Construction
of List Homomorphisms
    Zhenjiang Hu, Hideya Iwasaki and Masato Takeichi
    Submitted 10/96


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