Articles in Nov 1996 ACM TOPLAS (ACM TOPLAS)
31 Mar 1997 15:21:17 -0500

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Articles in Nov 1996 ACM TOPLAS (1997-03-31)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 31 Mar 1997 15:21:17 -0500
Organization: U of Maryland, Dept. of Computer Science, Coll. Pk., MD 20742
Keywords: journal

The following articles appeared in the November 1996 issue
of TOPLAS (Vol 18., No. 6). Abstracts and full text are available

* Identifying loops using DJ graphs
    Vugranam C. Sreedhar, Guang R. Gao and Yong-Fong Lee
    Pages 649-658

* Using dataflow analysis techniques to reduce ownership overhead
     in cache coherence protocols
    Jonas Skeppstedt and Per Stenstrom
    Pages 659-682

* Demand-driven register allocation
    Todd A. Proebsting and Charles N. Fischer
    Pages 683-710

* A natural semantics for Eiffel dynamic binding
    Isabelle Attali, Denis Caromel and Sidi Ould Ehmety
    Pages 711-729

* Eta-expansion does the trick
    Olivier Danvy, Karoline Malmkjaer and Jens Palsberg
    Pages 730-751

* Parameter passing and control stack management in Prolog
     implementation revisited
    Neng-Fa Zhou
    Pages 752-779


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