PCCTS 2.00 alpha release

Terence Parr <parrt@MageLang.com>
18 Mar 1997 13:02:09 -0500

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PCCTS 2.00 alpha release parrt@MageLang.com (Terence Parr) (1997-03-18)
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From: Terence Parr <parrt@MageLang.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers.tools.pccts,comp.compilers
Date: 18 Mar 1997 13:02:09 -0500
Organization: MageLang Institute
Keywords: PCCTS, tools, available, parse

Howdy folks...

Just wanted to announce the availability of the 2.00 alpha
version of the PCCTS language tool kit. The ANTLR parser generator
of the toolkit is at the alpha stage with a full release, including
the tree-walker generator SORCERER, scheduled for mid May.

PCCTS 2.00 is a complete rewrite of the popular C/C++ based parser
generator and translator generator tool kit. The rewrite is in
Java, generating Java. PCCTS generates powerful, flexible,
human-readable predicated-LL(k>=1) recognizers that are
easily folded into applications.

Included with this release is an LL(2) Java (1.0.2) grammar.

Complete source code is included and PCCTS is totally
public domain: i.e., NO COPYRIGHT.

Scott Stanchfield is building a tremendously-groovy visual parser
debugger for ANTLR. Expect that out in early Summer '97.

See http://java.magelang.com/antlr/download.html for information
on how to download the software.

See http://java.magelang.com/antlr/workshop97.html for more information
on the 97 PCCTS workshop: "Dr. T's Traveling Parsing Revival and Beer
Tasting Festival".

Best regards,
Terence Parr, parrt@magelang.com; http://www.magelang.com
John Lilley, jlilley@empathy.com; http://www.empathy.com

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