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David Chase <>
18 Mar 1997 12:56:16 -0500

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From: David Chase <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 18 Mar 1997 12:56:16 -0500
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 97-03-049
Keywords: C++, parse, tools

Reinhard Schauer wrote:

> Does anybody of you know about commercial or public domain C++ parsers
> that allow me to analze the abstract syntax tree with my own routines.
> I've just identified one available system of Steve Reiss, Brown
> University.

DISCLAIMER: The products I am about to recommend are produced by
friends and current and former colleagues. However, they are still
worthwhile products (I'd like to think that I neither associate nor
work with bozos, though I may be one myself).

Try Linguist from Declarative Systems. Send mail to for more information. Linguist is an
attribute grammar-based system, but (thankfully) you need not start
from scratch -- they also have an AG for C++, and you can start with
that. I believe a couple of sample applications are provided.

For more limited sorts of analysis, my former employer (CenterLine
Software) ought to be releasing a version of C++ Expert any week now
that allows you to write your own "advisories" and dynamically load
them into a parser/translator. There's a set of C++ classes and
templates that you would code to that give you access to the various
pieces of the AST in a readonly sort of way (the intent is to make it
really hard for you to mess up the normal behavior of the
parser/translator). I'm not certain who you should contact about
this; perhaps Glenn Allin ( or Patricia Morton

And, of course, g++ contains a C++ parser, and in theory you could work
with that.

David Chase

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