Announcing Cobol Parser and Generator (Vadim Maslov)
27 Feb 1997 00:40:29 -0500

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Announcing Cobol Parser and Generator (1997-02-27)
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From: (Vadim Maslov)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Feb 1997 00:40:29 -0500
Organization: Siber Systems
Keywords: Cobol, available, tools

Siber Systems Inc. is pleased to announce CobolTransformer reengineering
toolkit. It includes the following:

- High quality Cobol Parser capable of parsing the following Cobol
dialects: ANSI-74, ANSI-85, OSVS, VS II, SAA, X/Open, Microsoft,
Microfocus, Ryan McFarland, DOSVS, UNIVAC.

- Internal Representation for Cobol programs (expression trees) and
C++ library to manipulate this representation that includes.

- PrettyPrint library (also in C++) that transforms our internal
representation back into beautifully indented COBOL program with fully
preserved comments. What's most important, pretty-printing is totally
customizable, that is, you can directly encode your COBOL formatting
rules into our table-driven pretty-printer.

So we offer a complete and well-designed Cobol compiler toolkit
written in C++ that lets you focus on particulars of your Cobol
reengineering project (including but not limited to Year 2000
projects) and not worry about handling complexity of quality Cobol
lexing, parsing, and generation.

To learn more about CobolTransformer, please check out
our Web site at

A free demo/evaluation program cbl-beau is available for
immediate download from

cbl-beau beautifies (pretty prints) your Cobol program.

The primary goal of cbl-beau is to demonstrate speed and versatility
of our parser and code generator.

For pricing and other questions please e-mail to:

Vadim Maslov
Siber Systems

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