HELP needed with this s/r error

Seet Chern Hway <>
16 Feb 1997 23:15:57 -0500

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From: Seet Chern Hway <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 16 Feb 1997 23:15:57 -0500
Organization: Information Technology Institute
Keywords: yacc, parse, question, comment

I hope somebody can help me overcome an s/r error in the grammar I have
constructed to parse a language. The language has the following

      INDEX name [segment]
      [ , INDEX name [segment] ]...

      where segment refers to the fragment
            SEGMENT item [ , item ]...

The s/r error can be reproduced by the simplified YACC productions shown
below. The problem is caused by the occurrence of the ',' separator
used in both the list_index and list_item productions.

Could somebody help me rewrite the grammar to avoid the s/r error

Seet Chern Hway
Information Technology Institute

------------- start of grammar ------------

%token INDEX name SEGMENT item ','

%start fragment

    : list_index

    : index
    | list_index ',' index

    : INDEX name SEGMENT list_item
    | INDEX name

    : item
    | list_item ',' item
-------------- end of grammar -------------
[Looks to me like this is LR(2) -- when it sees a comma it has to reduce one
rule or the other but it can't because it needs to look ahead and see if
there is an INDEX following. -John]

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