Continutations and the Java VM

budd@oops.CS.ORST.EDU (Tim Budd)
11 Feb 1997 22:50:08 -0500

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Continutations and the Java VM budd@oops.CS.ORST.EDU (1997-02-11)
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From: budd@oops.CS.ORST.EDU (Tim Budd)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 11 Feb 1997 22:50:08 -0500
Organization: Oregon State University, College of Engineering
Keywords: Java

You should take a look at the information on inner classes available
at Sun's site. Inner classes are a new feature in Java 1.1. The
implementation technique they use is somewhat of a hack, basically
creating the closures entirely in java code almost at the source
level. (It is amusing to write inner classes, compile them, then
decompile them with mocha). Nevertheless, the result is you get
something that is almost epsilon away from lambda expressions. (not
truly lambda expressions, but as close as you can probably get with
the current VM).

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