Compiler positions available for week ending February 9
9 Feb 1997 19:35:27 -0500

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Compiler positions available for week ending February 9 (1997-02-09)
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Date: 9 Feb 1997 19:35:27 -0500
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From: beer@ICSI.Berkeley.EDU (Joachim Beer)
Subject: student summer internships at Berkeley
Date: 3 Feb 1997 23:43:50 GMT
Organization: International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.

The International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) is soliciting
applications for their student summer internship program in Europe.
The program is open to advanced graduate students in computer science
at American universities.

Applicants don't need to be U.S. citizens OR permanent residents of
the U.S. to be eligible for the program. The selection process is
solely based on merit and works roughly as follows: an application is
submitted to ICSI where an initial selection takes place. ICSI does
not have special application forms for the summer internship
program. A cover letter stating the applicants intentions,
transcripts, and one or two letters of recommendation is sufficient.
It would also be very helpful if the applicant could provide a short
proposal stating what he/she is interested in and the particular
fields he/she would want to work in. The selected applications will
be forwarded to those participating research labs that best match the
applicants scientific interest and background. Depending on the
applicants interest, background, and research proposal her/his
application might be send to several of the research labs. It is the
research labs that make the final decision.

Current sponsor nations are Germany, Italy and Switzerland. ICSI is
*not* able to support or process applications for internships in
non-sponsor nations.

Graduate students which have been invited by research labs in ICSI
sponsor nations due to their own initiative or existing collaborations
can apply for travel grants. However, ICSI will not be able to provide
financial support beyond travel grants.

Financial support provided by the hosting research lab is
approximately $1800 per month for 3 month while ICSI provides travel
grants up to $1500.

Submit applications including at least one letter of recommendation,
a list of completed course work, and a statement of intent to:

International Computer Science Institute
-Summer Internship Program
1947 Center Street, Suite 600
Berkley, CA 94704

* *
* DEADLINE March 1, 1997 *
* *

Note: ICSI is only a clearinghouse for summer internship
applications. ICSI is not able to answer question concerning specific
research activities within participating research labs. In the past
summer interns have been working in such areas as computer vision,
expert systems, knowledge representation, natural language processing,
software engineering, software tool development, etc..

Dr. Joachim Beer
Associate Director
International Computer Science Institute


Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 18:53:52 -0800
From: "Robert S. French" <>
Subject: Startup position available for compiler expert, Silicon Valley

Do you have experience writing compilers, especially code generators?
Do you live for software pipelining, instruction scheduling, register
allocation, retargetable code generation, unique architectures, and
the chance to make a real difference in a company? Then Silicon Spice
is the company for you!

Silicon Spice, Inc. is a Silicon Valley startup that is producing a
novel high-performance reconfigurable architecture and associated
design tools. Employees will have the opportunity to get in on the
ground floor of an exciting new technology, and will have a direct
impact on the direction and growth of the company. Positions are
currently available in software tools, applications, hardware design,
and support. All positions are in the San Francisco bay area.
Silicon Spice offers a comprehensive benefits package, an excellent
work environment, and stock options to all employees.

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer / Compiler Specialist

Job Responsibilities: Design and implement many aspects of a new C
compiler, including retargetable code generation, scalar optimization,
and low-level implementation of a hardware API.

Job Requirements: MSCS and 3+ years industry experience. Strong
industry background in all aspects of compiler design and
implementation, including compilers for embedded systems and
VLIW. Must be accustomed to working in a team. UNIX, C++, object
oriented design, assembly language concepts.

For a full listing of job openings, please visit our web site at, send email to <>,
or call us at 510-739-6600. We look forward to hearing from you!


From: Christoph Kessler <>
Subject: Research position available, Univ. of Trier, Germany
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 15:27:45 +0100
Organization: Universitaet Trier

Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl,
Dr. Christoph W. Kessler
Lehrstuhl fuer Praktische Informatik II
FB IV - Informatik
University of Trier
D-54286 Trier, Germany


The chair of compiler construction at the computer science department
of the University of Trier offers a research assistant position (3/4
BAT IIa) in the project SPARAMAT supported by the Deutsche
Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The position is limited to 2 years.
Under certain circumstances it can be graded up to 1/1 BAT IIa (for
details see below).

The SPARAMAT project will work out the foundation for a system which
identifies operations on sparse matrices in numerical source programs
(Fortran, C) by pattern matching techniques, with the goal of
exploiting the derived information for the knowledge--based automatic
parallelization of the source program.

Essential for this position is a diploma degree (M.Sc.) in computer
science obtained at a university. Beyond well-founded knowledge in
the analysis and compilation of imperative programs, we expect good
programming skills, cooperation abilities, and the readiness to
familiarize with the issue within short time. Knowledge from
numerical mathematics is welcome.

The department offers the possibility to acquire a PhD degree in
computer science.

The University of Trier aims at increasing the rate of female
scientists and encourages qualified women to apply.

Please send your application (including CV, list of publications,
reports and, if possible, a recommendation letter by a university
professor) until March 1, 1997 to the director of the SPARAMAT
project, Prof. Dr. Helmut Seidl, Lehrstuhl fuer Prakt. Informatik II,
FB IV - Informatik, Universitaet Trier, D-54286 Trier, Germany.

Note: According to the DFG guidelines, the research assistant can get
a 1/1 BAT IIa position only if (s)he has a PhD degree or a special
permission by DFG which requires an application for an equivalent job
in industry being accepted by a company. Otherwise we can pay only
3/4 BAT IIa.


Date: Fri, 7 Feb 1997 13:33:11 -0600
From: (Jianbai Wang)
Subject: Compiler/Language Tools Position Available in Dallas,TX

DSC Communications Corp. is seeking a motivated individual to join its
language tools team. The team's primary function is to develop and
support language tools used in DSC's cross platform development for
embedded systems.

Duties of this position include:

          o participation in enhancing C/C++ cross compilers and environment
              for DSC's embedded systems,
          o participation in porting public domain C source level debugger for
              the embedded systems,
          o participation in porting and developing new standard C/C++ libraries,
          o assist large scale software migration to the latest Unix platforms,
          o develop new cross development related language tools,
          o maintain proprietary C compilers and other language tools,
          o internal user suppor

Qualifications include:

          o BSCS or BSEE required, MSCS or MSEE desirable,
          o 3+ years experience in language tools related software development,
          o C/C++ experience, knowledge of C++ implementation issues desirable,
          o knowledge of assembly language; assembly coding experience desirable,
          o experienced in Unix; knowledge of embedded systems desirable,
          o good software development/maintenance principles.

DSC Communications Corporation is a leading designer, developer,
manufacturer and marketer of digital switching, transmission, access
and private network system products for the worldwide
telecommunications marketplace.

For information, please contact:

                  Human Resources
                  DSC Communications Corporation
                  1000 Coit Road
                  Plano, Tx 75075
                  voice: (972) 519-3909

        or you may contact me directly or by e-mail:

                  Jianbai Wang
                  DSC Communications Corporation, MS-SDVS1
                  1000 Coit Road
                  Plano, Tx 75075
                  voice: (972) 519-3287
                  fax: (972) 519-2121


From: "Caprice Pine (bsquare consulting, inc.)" <>
Subject: jobs still offered at bsquare consulting, inc.
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 1997 15:09:25 -0800

bsquare consulting, inc. is an engineering and project management
consulting company which specializes in the implementation, re-hosting
and re-targeting of program development tools and associated run-time
libraries. We provide effective solutions for the complex problems
inherent in the embedded development environment including remote
debugging and performance analysis, compact run-time library
implementation, and aggressive memory-size optimization.

Come join our dynamic team! We are strategically placed, growing
rapidly and seeking highly motivated individuals to work on cutting
edge products in an exciting and rewarding environment. All applicants
must be able to:

Deliver projects on-time
Take responsibility and make decisions
Work on a team and handle constructive criticism

We are seeking qualified, hard-working individuals ready to grow with us
to fill each of the following positions:

COMPILER ENGINEER with 2+ years experience in code generation or

TOOLS ENGINEER with 2+ years experience working on development tools
including linkers, assemblers or debuggers

SYSTEM SOFTWARE ENGINEER with 2+ years experience in system software

OPERATING SYSTEM ENGINEER with 2+ years experience writing kernel mode
code including drivers or hardware adaptations

motivation to learn are all required

QA ENGINEER for compilers and tools. BS in CS, 1+ years experience in QA
and strong C/C++ skills are required

OPERATING SYSTEM QA ENGINEER. Associate's degree in computers or
electronics and experience in configuring and maintaining PCs are
required, Windows NT experience a must

Competitive salary and benefits. Seattle area applicants and others
willing to relocate at own expense, send resume to:

bsquare consulting, inc.
3633 136th PL SE, Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98006
fax: (206) 519-5999

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