MS-COFF Object Files
10 Nov 1996 15:49:54 -0500

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 10 Nov 1996 15:49:54 -0500
Organization: .netkonect (customer account)
Keywords: linker, question, comment

Is there any code shareware etc, that abstracts object file format ?

I want to port/recode a codegen I have for 16bit 286 to 32bit 486+

A subject I never see discussed however is object file formats.

Its all very well writing a codegen generator, that creates block of
machine code, but what about the messy details of differing object
file formats.

Is there such a thing as an 'OBJ format' independent codegen ?

When you think about it, the obj format is nothing to do with code
generation, I wonder if anyone has nay views or info on this aspect
of compilers ?

Thanks, Hugo
[There's a GNU object library, but I don't recall having seen an MS
backend for it. -John]

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