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Matt Newsome <mnews@hitachi-eu.com>
7 Nov 1996 20:23:40 -0500

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From: Matt Newsome <mnews@hitachi-eu.com>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.c
Date: 7 Nov 1996 20:23:40 -0500
Organization: Hitachi Micro Systems Europe Ltd.
Keywords: C, testing, question, comment

I'm looking for free, generic C source for compiler testing. I'm
using the major commercial suites, but I'm now trying to increase our
test regime.

I've looked long and hard on the 'net and WWW for a this kind of
source, but it just keeps eluding me!

If anyone does know where I can find such an archive, please reply by
email directly to me (mnews@hitachi-eu.com).

Many Thanks,

| Matt Newsome | Direct Tel: 01628-585396 |
| Design Engineer - Compilers | Fax: 01628-585080 |
| Hitachi Micro Systems Europe (HMSE) | Email: mnews@hitachi-eu.com |
[I don't know of a lot of test suites, but there's gigabytes of C source
code you can download and play with. -John]

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