Free COBOL tools from Fujitsu

"Todd Yancey" <>
30 Oct 1996 13:19:17 -0500

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Free COBOL tools from Fujitsu (Todd Yancey) (1996-10-30)
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From: "Todd Yancey" <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Oct 1996 13:19:17 -0500
Organization: Best Internet Communications
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We would like to extend to you, at NO COST, the complete unrestricted, full
featured, Run Time Free, Fujitsu Professional COBOL Suite which includes
the following products:


To create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and client/server applications
using existing COBOL expertise, PowerCOBOL offers the industry's most
powerful and practical Windows-based tools. COBOL programmers will find
all the capabilities needed to produce state-of- the-art, two- and
three-tier, GUI-based client/server applications.

Fujitsu COBOL

At the heart of the PowerCOBOL family is the standards-compliant Fujitsu
COBOL development suite -- compiler, runtime libraries, and debug tool.
The highly optimized code produced by Fujitsu COBOL provides the basis for
fast mission-critical business systems on workstations, PCs, and the


PowerBSort significantly shortens the time needed to merge or sort data for
business processing, improving merge/sort times by as much as 100% over
other solutions. You get rapid, high-performance merging and sorting of
large volumes of data without disrupting your current environment.

PowerGEM Plus

PowerGEM Plus is a graphical tool for managing the versions and histories
of your development resources, including source code, screen forms, and
documents. PowerGEM Plus makes resources available to multiple users
simultaneously, but restricts modification to a single user. Resources are
thus protected, and modifications are traceable. PowerGEM Plus keeps and
tracks version and history statistics for each part of a development

For additional information please see:

and on Microsoft at:


Fujitsu Software Corporation
Phone: (408) 428-0500
FAX: (408) 428-0600

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