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23 Sep 1996 21:21:06 -0400

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From: (Robert T Faught)
Newsgroups: comp.theory,comp.compilers
Date: 23 Sep 1996 21:21:06 -0400
Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
Distribution: inet
References: 96-09-051 96-09-076 96-09-095
Keywords: debug

Ranan Fraer ( wrote:
> can anyone please recommend me some good books/papers on debugging
> theory ? Actually what I'm looking for is a classification of
> various techniques of detection, localisation and correction of bugs.

There is a discussion of "Algorithmic Program Debugging" in the second
edition of "Foundations of Logic Programming" J.W Lloyd, Springer-Verlag.

I believe that this thread of research was started by Ehud Shapiro in his
1982 thesis "Algorithmic Program Debugging" published by the MIT Press.
In this he distinguishes between three classes of errors: termination
with incorrect output, termination with missing output, and
non-termination. Then he develops an algorithm to diagnose each class which
queries the user about the intended behavior of the program in question.

There were many papers published following this thesis but, it seems to
me, not many recently.

Rob Faught

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