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sol! (ilias kastanas 08-14-90)
19 Sep 1996 00:17:47 -0400

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From: sol! (ilias kastanas 08-14-90)
Newsgroups: comp.theory,comp.compilers
Date: 19 Sep 1996 00:17:47 -0400
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Expires: September 28, 1996
References: 96-09-051 96-09-076
Keywords: debug, theory

@Ranan Fraer ( wrote:
@: can anyone please recommend me some good books/papers on debugging theory ?

Theory's edict is "you can't"; and practice advises: "don't"!

In full generality theory has results you may be better off not
      knowing. Let Ts be Turing Machines/programs/algorithms/... Then
      a) the question "Do T and T' compute the same (partial) function?"
            is undecidable
      b) the problem "Given T, find a T' that computes a different function"
            is unsolvable.

So, no algorithm can tell whether two arbitrary TMs are "the same",
      or, given one TM, produce a "different" one; i.e., you cannot tell whether
      a program does what is wanted... and moreover you cannot change it anyway!
      (At 3 a.m. one might need some wry amusement).

Fortunately in practice we don't face the full situation; still, such
      results support the familiar view: focus on avoiding debugging. We cut it
      down by careful design, good style, formal correctness methods if applica-
      ble, and so on. And an attitude of looking for more.

[I don't think that was quite the question he asked. There has been some
interesting work over the years in identifying and classifying bugs. -John]


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