Re: LL vs LR references sought (Greg Ward)
15 Sep 1996 00:38:13 -0400

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From: (Greg Ward)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Sep 1996 00:38:13 -0400
Organization: Brain Imaging Center, Montreal Neurological Inst.
References: 96-09-038
Keywords: parse, LL(1), LR(1)

: I'm looking for references to published material arguing one or
: several of the following points:
: - LL parsers are easier to write by hand than LR parsers
: - recursive-descent LL parsers are easier to read than table-driven
: LR parsers
: - LL parsers allow for better error recovery than LR parsers
: - LL parsers are inherently faster than LR parsers
: - LL parsing allows for on-the-fly evaluation of attributes for
: L-attributed grammars whereas LR parsers can only do S-attributed ones
: - programming languages with syntax that is not LL should be changed so
: that they are


The former is the manual for PCCTS, the latter is Terence Parr's (author
of PCCTS) Ph.D. thesis. Since PCCTS is a prime example of many of the
properties you suggested, these are probably good places to look.
(Well, I *know* the manual boasts about the benefits of LL a lot, but I
haven't read the thesis and merely suspect that it does.)


Greg Ward - Research Assistant
Brain Imaging Centre (WB201) voice: (514) 398-4965 (or 1996)
Montreal Neurological Institute fax: (514) 398-8948
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2B4

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