Question about Unicode in C and C++ (Derek M Jones)
15 Sep 1996 00:22:02 -0400

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From: (Derek M Jones)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 15 Sep 1996 00:22:02 -0400
Organization: Knowledge Software Ltd
References: 96-09-034
Keywords: C, i18n "Hung Hing Anthony Pang" writes:
> Could somebody tell me that is there any Unicode support for C/C++ programs?
> i.e. functions available to convert ASCII to/from Unicode. Information for
> both Unix and Windows platforms are desired.

In 1994 SC22/WG14 (the ISO working group responsible for C) published
Amendment 1. Most of this document deals with additional librray functions
to handle multi-byte characters.

WG14 is currently working on C9X. There is a proposal on the table
to support the writing of identifiers using characters from
ISO 10646 (it is based on trigraphs, ??/u12345)

The ASCII values have the same value in Unicode. They simply have zero
bytes on the front.


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