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djacic@mef.hr (Dejan Jacic)
5 Sep 1996 23:49:05 -0400

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From: djacic@mef.hr (Dejan Jacic)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 5 Sep 1996 23:49:05 -0400
Organization: DJHOME
Keywords: books, question


I do have a bit of newbie requirement.

I'm preparing to rewrite script compiler which I wrote 2 years
ago. Script language is used for describing various properties, and
compiler "compiles" script into tree/directory structure for faster &
structured access.

However, being written by hand and without any proper knowledge of
compiler construction, heart of compiler consists of three
interlocking recursive functions which are quite error prone, not to
mention almost impossible to change or add new syntax / semantics.

So I'm looking for beginner's books with good introduction to scanning
/ parsing. Emphasis is on scanning / parsing, building parsed tree in
memory & terminology since output are not going to be CPU

(to be completely honest, I'm looking for something
  "explain it to me like I'm 5 years old" :-), with essential
  theory and lot of practical code examples & tips)

I took a look at J.P. Bennet's "Introduction to Compiling Techniques -
A First Course using ANSI C, LEX and YACC" and I liked it a lot, so
I'd love to find something like that (i.e. book with example of
building entire project).

I also downloaded PCCTS & "The Book" for it, but as I said I lack
essential knowledge (of terms, for example) to make use of it. Looking
forward for published book for PCCTS.

I'd love to hear comments on following books :

    1) "Compilers - Principles, Techniques and Tools"
          by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi & Jeffrey D. Ullman

    2) "Compiler Design"
          by Reinhard Wilhelm & Dieter Maurer

    3) "Compiler Construction - An Introduction"
          by Niklaus Wirth

I'd appreciate any suggestions considering these and any other books.

[I'll add any new comments to the FAQ. -John]


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