CFP- International Parallel Processing Symposium (IPPS '97) (D Jayasimha)
27 May 1996 22:18:48 -0400

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CFP- International Parallel Processing Symposium (IPPS '97) (1996-05-27)
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From: (D Jayasimha)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 May 1996 22:18:48 -0400
Organization: The Ohio State University, Department of Computer and Information Science
Keywords: CFP, conference, parallel

(IPPS '97)

1-5 April 1997
University of Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland

Sponsored by:
                                                      IEEE Computer Society
                              Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP)

In cooperation with:
                                                        University of Geneva
                    European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS)
                              Swiss Special Interest Group on Parallelism (SIPAR)
                                                          SPEEDUP Society

*********NEW FOR 1997*********


4 April 1997
(Presented in cooperation with IPPS '97)

                        This annoucement has information in the following order:


      IPPS '97 CALL FOR PAPERS (Instructions, Program Committee)


      IPPS '97 ORGANIZATION (Organizers/Advisors, Location, Dates)


      PARCON 97

                                        For information on all IPPS '97 activities
                                                        visit the Web page at:



Sponsored by the Technical Committee on Parallel Processing, the
symposium is the committee's primary forum for engineers and
scientists from around the world to present their latest research
findings in the field. In addition to technical sessions of submitted
paper presentations, IPPS '97 will offer workshops, tutorials, an
industrial track, and commercial exhibits.

Our University of Geneva hosts are making arrangements
for on-campus housing as well as specially priced nearby hotel
accommodations. Also through the University, IPPS will be able
to provide daily luncheon in addition to the usual breaks and
refreshments. Full details will be available in the Advance

Also in 1997, PARCON, the one-day Symposium on New
Directions in Parallel and Concurrent Computing, will co-locate
with IPPS. To accommodate their inclusion, workshops &
tutorials will be held the first and last days, papers will be
presented in technical sessions on the second and third days,
and PARCON will be presented on the fourth day.

For more information on all activities, check the Web page at


Viktor K. Prasanna,
University of Southern California

Josi D. P. Rolim,
University of Geneva


20 September 1996 ..... Manuscripts Due
13 December 1996 ..... Review Decisions Mailed
20 January 1997 ..... Print Ready Paper Due
30 August 1996 ..... Workshop Proposals Due
31 October 1996 ..... Tutorial Proposals Due
31 October 1996 ..... Commercial Exhibit Registration


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that demonstrate
original unpublished research in all areas of parallel processing
including development of experimental or commercial systems.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

- Parallel Architectures
- Memory Hierarchies
- Parallel Algorithms
- Scientific Computing
- Parallel Languages
- Programming Environments
- Parallelizing Compilers
- Special Purpose Processors
- VLSI Systems
- Performance Modeling/Evaluation
- Signal & Image Processing Systems
- Parallel Implementations of Application Tasks
- Interconnection Networks and Implementation Technologies

To submit an original research paper, send your complete
manuscript (not to exceed 15 single-spaced pages of text using
point size 12 type on 8 1/2 X 11 inch pages) to the Program Chair.
References, figures, tables, etc. may be included in addition to the
fifteen pages of text. Electronic submissions are encouraged and
should be sent to Electronic
submissions must be in the form of a readable postscript file
containing the following header information in ASCII form: title,
author name(s), abstract, postal address, e-mail address, and
telephone and fax numbers. The header (in ASCII) should be
followed by the postscript version of the complete manuscript
(including title, author's name, affiliation, and abstract).

All manuscripts will be reviewed. Manuscripts must be received by
20 September 1996. Submissions received after the due date or
exceeding the length limit will be returned and not considered.
Notification of review decisions will be mailed by 13 December
1996. Camera-ready papers are due 20 January 1997.
Proceedings will be available at the Symposium. Fax submissions
will not be considered.

Hard copy submissions are also permitted and, like electronic
submissions, must be received by 20 September 1996. Send six
copies of the manuscript to:

Allan Gottlieb
New York University
715 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003 USA
Vox: +1 212 998 3344


Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida
Malvin Kalos, Cornell University
Kai Li, Princeton University
Hans Zima, University of Vienna

* Farid Abraham, IBM
* Otto Anshus, University of Tromso
* Mikhail Atallah, Purdue University
* Prith Banerjee, Northwestern University
* Edmond Bertschinger, MIT
* Gianfranco Bilardi, Universita di Padova and University of Illinois at
* Maurizio A. Bonuccelli, University of Pisa (Italy)
* Helmar Burkhart, University of Basel (Switzerland)
* Larry Carter, UC San Diego & San Diego Supercomputer Center
* Barbara Chapman, University of Vienna (Austria)
* Andrew Chien, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
* Bogdan S. Chlebus, Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland)
* Sajal Das, University of North Texas
* Josep Diaz, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)
* Michel Dubois, University of Southern California
* Edward Felten, Princeton University
* Afonso Ferreira, CNRS, LIP - ENS Lyon (France)
* Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory
* Oscar Ibarra, University of California, Santa Barbara
* Joseph Ja'Ja', University of Maryland
* D.N. Jayasimha, The Ohio State University
* George Em Karniadakis, Brown University
* Carl Kesselman, California Institute of Technology
* Guojie Li, National Research Center for Intelligent Computing
                          Systems (China)
* Yossi Matias, Bell Laboratories
* Burkhard Monien, University of Paderborn (Germany)
* David Nassimi, New Jersey Institute of Technology
* Kunle Olukotun, Stanford University
* B.M. Pettitt, University of Houston
* James Philbin, NEC Research Institute
* James S. Plank, University of Tennessee
* Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, University of Florida
* Sanjay Ranka, University of Florida
* John Rice, Purdue University
* Arnold Rosenberg, University of Massachusetts
* Ahmed Sameh, University of Minnesota
* Kevin Schmidt, Arizona State University
* Assaf Schuster, Technion (Israel)
* Paul Spirakis, CTI (Greece)
* Bob Sugar, University of California, Santa Barbara
* Chandramohan A. Thekkath, Digital Equipment Corporation
* Mateo Valero, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain)
* Uzi Vishkin, University of Maryland and Tel Aviv University
* Imrich Vrto, Institute for Informatics, Bratislava (Slovakia)
* Pearl Wang, George Mason University
* Harry Wijshoff, Leiden University (Netherlands)
* Tao Yang, University of California at Santa Barbara
* Emilio Zapata, University of Malaga (Spain)



To be held on the first and last days of the symposium,
workshops are an opportunity to explore special topics.
Individuals and/or special interest groups are encouraged to
submit proposals which cover a particular topic in the field.
Send a 1 page proposal to one of the Symposium Co-Chairs by
30 August 1996. Workshops already planned for 1997 include:

* Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
    Contact: Debbie Hensgen, Naval Post Graduate School

* Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems
    Contacts: Lonnie R. Welch, New Jersey Institute of
    Technology (
    Dieter K. Hammer, Eindhoven University of Technology

* Workshop on Solving Combinatorial Optimization
    Problems in Parallel
    Contact: Afonso Ferreira, ENS Lyon, France

* Workshop on Nomadic Computing
    Contacts: Maurizio Bonnucelli, University of Pisa, Italy and
    Imrich Chlamtac, Boston University (

* Workshop on High-Level Programming Models and Supportive
    Environments (HIPS)
    Contact: Rudolf G. Hackenberg, Technical University, Munich

* Workshop on Randomized Parallel Computation
    Contact: S. Rajasekaran, University of Florida


Proposals are solicited for organizing full or half-day tutorials
to be held on the first day of the symposium. Interested
individuals should submit a proposal by 31 October 1996 to the
Tutorials Chair Tao Yang. It should include a brief description of
intended audience, a lecture outline and a vita(e) for lecturer(s).


The Industrial Track consists of original technical papers
from various companies. Topics may include descriptions,
comparisons, or evaluations of the design, implementation, or
performance of an existing commercial system. Commercial
Exhibits allow vendors to display their products in an informal
walk-up-and-talk setting. For details and to make sure your
company is on the IPPS mailing list, contact the appropriate Co-
Chair (John Antonio in the USA and Helmar Burkhart in
Switzerland) by 31 October 1996.


Viktor K. Prasanna, University of Southern California
Josi D. P. Rolim, University of Geneva

Allan Gottlieb, New York University

Tao Yang, University of California, Santa Barbara

John K. Antonio, Texas Tech University (Americas)
Helmar Burkhart, University of Basel (Europe/Asia)

George Westrom, Odetics, Inc.

K. Mani Chandy, California Institute of Technology
Joseph Ja'Ja', University of Maryland
F. Tom Leighton, MIT
Viktor K. Prasanna, University of Southern California
Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida
H. J. Siegel, Purdue University

Michel Cosnard, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (France)
Michael J. Flynn, Stanford University (USA)
Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide, University of Paderborn (Germany)
Louis O. Hertzberger, University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Richard Karp, University of Washington (USA)
Jan van Leeuwen, University of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Kurt Mehlhorn, Max Planck Institute (Germany)
Gary Miller, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Juerg Nievergelt, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)
Charles L. Seitz, Myricom, Inc. (USA)
Leslie Valiant, Harvard University (USA)
Paolo Zanella, E.B.I., Cambridge (U.K.)

Bill Pitts, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Susamma Barua, California State University, Fullerton

Sally Jelinek, Electronic Design Associates



C. P. Ravikumar, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi

[Eastern Europe]

Ondrej Sykora, Slovak Academy of Sciences

[Middle East]

Assir Jihad, Societe Saudi Oger SA

[North America]

D. N. Jayasimha, Ohio State University

[Pacific Rim]

Cho-Li Wang, The University of Hong Kong

[South America]

Nelson Maculan, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[Western Europe/Africa]

Stephane Ubeda, ENS Lyon, France


Viktor K. Prasanna, IPPS '97 General Co-Chair
Dept. of EE-Systems, EEB 244
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562 USA
Vox +1 213-740-4483 / Fax +1 213-740-4418

Josi D. P. Rolim, IPPS '97 General Co-Chair
Universite de Geneve
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
24, Rue General Dufour
CH 1211 Geneve 4 - Switzerland
Vox +41 22 705 7646 / Fax +41 22 705 7780

Allan Gottlieb, IPPS '97 Program Chair,
New York University
715 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003 USA
Vox: +1 212 998 3344

Tao Yang, IPPS '97 Tutorials Chair
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106 USA
Vox +1 805-893-4384 / Fax +1 805-893-8553

John K. Antonio, IPPS '97 Industrial-Commercial Co-Chair
Department of Computer Science
Texas Tech University - Box 43104
Lubbock, TX 79409-3104 USA
Vox +1 806-742-3527 / Fax +1 806-742-3519

Helmar Burkhart, IPPS '97 Industrial-Commercial Co-Chair
University of Basel
Mittlere Strasse 142
CH-4056 Basel - Switzerland
Vox +41 61 321 99 67 / Fax +41 61 321 99 15

                                                                  PARCON 97

Symposium on New Directions in
Parallel and Concurrent Computing
(Presented in cooperation with IPPS '97)
4 April 1997

PARCON was established in 1992 as a forum for leading scientists
to speak about the issues and challenges at the frontier of this
increasingly important field. It has come to serve as a platform
from which experts in both academia and industry may present
their views on the current state-of-the-art as well as outline new
ideas on the horizon.

As envisioned by its founding co-chairs Zvi M. Kedem & Krishna V.
Palem, a major objective of PARCON is to promote the synergy
between theoretical and practical aspects and at the same time to
span the gamut of topics driving the field. These topics include:
algorithmics, programming models and languages, compilers,
architecture, communication and networking.

In the 1992 and 1994 PARCON symposia, these objectives were
met through the participation of: Mani Chandy, John Hennessy,
Richard Karp, Ken Kennedy, Tom Leighton, Charles Leiserson,
Michael Rabin, Charles Seitz, Marc Snir, and Leslie Valiant.

PARCON will continue to draw upon its tradition of excellence and
in 1997 will co-locate with IPPS in Geneva. The one day PARCON
event will follow three days of IPPS workshops, tutorials, and
technical sessions. This "preparation" will make PARCON a grand
finale of the week in Geneva.

As previously, PARCON will consist of lectures by invited speakers
to be followed by a panel discussion on the topic of Building
Parallel Machines: Experiences and Lessons Learned. Details of
PARCON 97 will be available as part of the IPPS '97 Advance Program
and other announcements and ads as well as on the IPPS '97
Web page. Attendance at PARCON (on the 4th day of IPPS) is
included in the IPPS '97 registration.

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