decompilers for Borland C 2.5

Robert Eineigl <>
21 May 1996 16:19:55 -0400

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From: Robert Eineigl <>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 May 1996 16:19:55 -0400
Organization: Redmond Technology Partners
Keywords: C, question

Hello People:

Please muffle your scornful derision for a second!

It is not my source code that is unavailable; the situation is the result of
a programmer leaving under a cloud and taking his toys and source home with

So, I am looking for a tool to decompile the executable written in Borland C

I am aware that disassemblers exist that result in assembly code minus all
symbolic/friendly names for functions and variable names.

I found a reference to a C decompiler at:

Has anyone used the dcc tool referenced on this page or heard of any other
such tools (C decompilers)?

Any constructive comments welcomed.

[I have never seen an '86 decompiler that did anything more than generate
assembler in C syntax. -John]


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