ANNOUNCE: Tm, a general template preprocessor (Kees van Reeuwijk)
8 May 1996 00:31:42 -0400

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ANNOUNCE: Tm, a general template preprocessor (1996-05-08)
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From: (Kees van Reeuwijk)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 May 1996 00:31:42 -0400
Organization: Delft University of Technology
Keywords: tools, available

I hereby announce the availability of the most recent version of my
template preprocessor 'Tm' (for _T_emplate _m_anager).

Tm is a preprocessor that takes a code template and some datastructure
definitions, and generates source code for an arbitrary programming
language. Thus, by using Tm you can have templates in any programming

                      +---------------+ +----------------+
                      | datastructure | | code |
                      | definition | | template |
                      +---------------+ +----------------+
                                    | |
                                    ----------- ----------
                                                        | |
                                                        V V
                                                  | Tm |
                                                  | |
                                                | source |
                                                | code |

The kernel distribution package of Tm contains extensive C templates
and a support library that have been tested and used extensively in
the past six years. These templates have been used in more than ten
medium and large programming project. There are separate packages
with a Pascal and a Miranda template, but these have been used less

Tm is flexible enough that useful templates can be written for any
sufficiently powerful programming language. For example, I have
written templates for Lisp and for the functional programming language
Clean, although these are not good enough for public release.
Templates for languages such as Java and Fortran 90 are also eminently

By using templates, especially the standard templates, you can reap
the benefits of any template: the code is re-used more intensively, is
therefore tested more intensively, is more likely to be documented,
and is standardized.

Tm is described in the following paper:

C. van Reeuwijk, "Tm: a Code Generator for Recursive Data Structures",
Software - Practice and Experience, Volume 22(10) 899-908 (October

The Tm ftp site contains the Tm kernel distribution, consisting of:

- All the sources for Tm itself (Tm is written in C)
- A set of C templates that can generate code for general-purpose
    datastructure manipulation.
- The sources for a C support library for the templates above.
- The LaTeX sources for an extensive manual describing Tm, the C
    templates and the support library. The resulting PostScript file
    is also included.

The ftp site also contains a Pascal and a Miranda template.

All Tm-related software is copyrighted free software.

For more details, see my Tm web pages:

Or the Tm ftp site:

Kees van Reeuwijk
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Applied Physics, FI-CP

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