Want info on subroutine-threaded code sytems

Stephen Kun <stephen.kun@veda.hb.eunet.de>
8 May 1996 00:20:33 -0400

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Want info on subroutine-threaded code sytems stephen.kun@veda.hb.eunet.de (Stephen Kun) (1996-05-08)
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From: Stephen Kun <stephen.kun@veda.hb.eunet.de>
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 8 May 1996 00:20:33 -0400
Organization: Veda Design Automation Ltd
Keywords: code, question, comment

I'd really appreciate some information on how I approach the following
problems. Are there any books, papers, software tools available which
would help?

I want to develop a system whereby I read source code or parse-tree in
from disk, and produce subroutine-threaded code in memory. To
increase execution speed, I'd want to incrementally upgrade to native
code generation for common operators.

Platforms which I'd want to support would be Sun, HP, probably also
DEC Alpha and PC's. I'd be writing the software in C, and the code I
generate should be able to call C routines, and be called by C

The user should be able to interactively debug the system, possibly
even recompiling a portion of the design and continuing execution.

Priorities are:
        interactivity and fast edit-compile-debug loop
        execution speed (I've currently got an interpretted system, but
                                          it's not fast enough)
Memory usage is not so important.

I'd be very grateful for any references, tips or information.

Steve Kun
    Stephen Kun Email: stephen.kun@veda.hb.eunet.de
    Gustav-Heinemann-Str. 64 Tel: +49 421 370160
    28215 Bremen, Germany
[How many years were you planning to spend on this project? -John]

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