[REQ] rfc 822 yacc grammar?

estenson@galaxy.csc.calpoly.edu (Yuppie Scum)
3 May 1996 00:04:16 -0400

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[REQ] rfc 822 yacc grammar? estenson@galaxy.csc.calpoly.edu (1996-05-03)
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From: estenson@galaxy.csc.calpoly.edu (Yuppie Scum)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.software.testing
Date: 3 May 1996 00:04:16 -0400
Organization: Olympus ESWAT
Keywords: parse, question, comment

I'm looking for a yacc grammar for parsing rfc822 style mail messages.
I'm also searching for a Lex to go with it (prefrably one that has the
rfc1522 extensions). I'd very much appreciate it if someone could
point me towards such an item....

Thank you,

# estenson@galaxy.csc.calpoly.edu --------------------------- Eric Stenson #
[Every mailer I've ever seen uses ad-hocery to crack the headers. -John]

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