Re: Cocktail Toolbox DOS version? (Josef Grosch)
27 Feb 1996 16:46:02 -0500

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From: (Josef Grosch)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Feb 1996 16:46:02 -0500
Organization: CoCoLab, Karlsruhe, Germany
References: 96-02-289
Keywords: tools, MSDOS, FTP

Ken Walter ( wrote:
: The March DDJ has an article on the Cocktail Toolbox with references to
: three ftp sites. The two that refer to DOS don't exist.
: They are: /pub/djgcc
: and /pub/unix/programming/compilerbau

: Anyone know where I can get a DOS or OS/2 version of these files?

Although I do not know this article yet I can provide the current ftp sites.
The old unsupported demo version of Cocktail is available from:

host number directory version /gmd/cocktail 9208 /pub/programming/cocktail 9208 /pub/unix/programming/compilerbau 9209
                                        /pub/programming/languages/compiler-compiler/cocktail 9209 /computing/compilers/tools/cocktail 9209
                                        or /computing/programming/languages/tools/cocktail 9209 /pub/plan/gmd 9208

The latest supported commercial version of Cocktail is not available
via ftp. For more information about this version please contact

The software of DJ Delorie's GCC port to DOS is available from
numerous ftp sites around the world (ask archie for djgpp), for
example from:

The software of Eberhard Mattes's GCC port to OS/2 is also available
from many ftp sites (ask archie for emx), for example from: []: /pub/systems/os2/emx-0.9b []: /pub/os2/unix/emx09b []: /packages/os2/unix/emx09b []: /pub/comp/os/os2/devtools/emx+gcc

Best regards

Dr. Josef Grosch

Hagsfelder Allee 16
D-76131 Karlsruhe

Tel.: +49-721-697061
Fax : +49-721-661966

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