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27 Feb 1996 16:30:26 -0500

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From: (Richard P Cornwell)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 27 Feb 1996 16:30:26 -0500
Organization: Portal Communications Company -- 408/973-9111 (voice) 408/973-8091 (data)
References: 96-02-185 96-02-247
Keywords: C

Sunarto ( wrote:
: I need an C Cross Compiler for NEC 78k310a micro controller wrote:
> Try getting hold of the Sozobon compiler for the Atari ST. It was
> reasonably straight forward to retarget this for a different
> processor. It is K&R C and does not do a lot of optimization.

I would recommend CVW C compiler which can be picked up from the Minix
archives. I looked at Sozobon C Compiler serval years ago and found
that it is very tied to the 68000 machine. CVW C compiler has back
ends for the 68000 and 386, supports prototypes, ANSI C, optimization
(on the 386 it is very good). I did a retarget from the 68000 to the
386 in a few weeks when the compiler was first released, and was going
to send it to the author when he released his version. I ran a Minix
box for 2+ years totaly compiled with CVW C with very few crashes, had
a UUCP link and small news feed.

The compiler works by reading the source into a tree, preforming
optimizations on the tree. Then it does a register allocation pass and
hands the tree off to the backend. The back end is a collection of
functions that reduce the nodes and build a linked list of machine
instuctions. This is then passed off to a peephole optimized which
removed dead code, backs up branches, and other simple optimizations,
then the code is output.

Send Email if you can't find the CVW C compiler and I will did it out
of my archives and email it to you. But it may take a few weeks to
find the latest version.


Richard & Kim Cornwell
Sky Vision Kites

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