Announcement: 2 Post-Doctoral Positions Available (Luke Hornof)
21 Feb 1996 17:56:11 GMT

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Announcement: 2 Post-Doctoral Positions Available (1996-02-21)
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From: (Luke Hornof)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 21 Feb 1996 17:56:11 GMT
Organization: IRISA, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 Rennes Cedex, FRANCE
Distribution: world
Originator: rowan@VIXEN.FOX.CS.CMU.EDU

Announcement: 2 Post-Doctoral Positions Available


We have 2 post-doctoral positions available starting June 1, 1996 (or
later). These positions are not restricted by citizenship. Approval of
these openings is pending.


The research work is to be done in the Partial Evaluation Group at
IRISA (Brittany, France). This group mainly consists of 1 faculty
member, 1 research scientist, 2 post-docs, and 5 Phd students. More
information about the place and the research topics of the group can
be obtained from our Web page
(URL: /site/irisa/WWW/htdocs/EXTERNE/projet/lande/consel/index.html)

Research Area:

Partial Evaluation is a program transformation approach. It is aimed
at specializing programs with respect to invariants. Specialization
can occur at compile time as well as run time. We are working on
partial evaluation of imperative and applicative languages. Our work
is being applied to various areas such as operating systems.

Position 1:

This position is concerned with the design and development of a
partial evaluation system for C programs. A first prototype of this
system, called Tempo, has already been developed; it consists of
various program analysis and program transformation phases. It is
written both in SML and C. Applicants should have a solid background
in optimizing compilation and program analysis.

Position 2:

For this position, the selected applicant is expected to participate
in the development of partial evaluation techniques for real-time and
distributed systems. An example of this is telecommunication
applications. As such, this topic combines both systems and
programming language aspects. Applicants should have a solid
background in some of these areas.

To apply please send a resume, the name of three references, and a
statement of research interests to and Applications will be reviewed beginning
March 15, 1996. Please contact Charles Consel if you need further

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