Re: implementing multiple inheritance? (Marc Wachowitz)
19 Feb 1996 23:36:05 -0500

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Re: implementing multiple inheritance? (1996-02-19)
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From: (Marc Wachowitz)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Feb 1996 23:36:05 -0500
Organization: ---
References: 96-02-224
Keywords: OOP

Larry Rau ( wrote:
> Can someone provide pointers to papers/books describing methods used
> to implement Mulitple Inheritance.

Some very interesting papers about optimizing table lookup for
multiple inheritance - particularly for the cases with multiple
inheritanace for interfaces, but only single inheritance for
implementations - and a few related ideas about a flexible form of
genericity and an implementation have been developed by MIT's
Programming Methodology Group.

Look at

Marc Wachowitz <>


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