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30 Dec 1995 01:06:01 -0500

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From: (Michael Meissner)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 30 Dec 1995 01:06:01 -0500
Organization: Cygnus Support
References: 95-12-063 95-12-132 95-12-144
Keywords: architecture (David L Moore) writes:

| So, it sounds like one should build a RISC chip without many wasted
| bits! There is no reason why you cannot build a RISC machine with
| variable length instructions - the first RISC like machine (the CDC
| 6600) did just that. Variable length instructions make multi-issue
| harder because you first have to find the start of the instructions,
| which adds a few gate delays, but the only time this actually slows
| you down is when you just mis-predicted a branch. Otherwise, it just
| adds some real-estate to your instruction decoding logic.

Well it depends on how you view the instruction stream. True variable sized
instructions are a pain, but did it in terms of 60-bit words (ie, instructions
would not cross a word boundary, so if you wanted to use a 30-bit instruction,
and there are only 15 bits left in the word, you have to put a NOP, and start
on the next word).
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