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28 Dec 1995 11:38:25 -0500

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From: (Allyn Dimock)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 28 Dec 1995 11:38:25 -0500
Organization: Aiken Computation Lab, Harvard University
References: 95-12-135
Keywords: optimize

Re: surveys of optimizations:

I assume you are looking for optimizations for Algol-like languages:

The Dragon Book is badly out of date in its handling of optimizations.
I believe there are some recent books devoted to collecting code
optimizations, but I haven't read any of them... I tend to look in
conference proceedings:

You'll find a lot of papers to interest you in "ACM Sigplan Conference
on Program Language Design and Implementation" (PLDI): see "The Power
of Assignment Motion" in the 1995 proceedings and work back through
its bibliography for the interesting problem of "elimination of
partially redundant expressions".

You will find some good papers in "Proceedings of the ACM
SIGPLAN-SIGACT Sympoisum on Principles of Programming Languages"
(POPL); and in the proceedings of the Static Analysis Symposium (SAS).
These are mixed in with articles on functional languages, and
occasionally on logic programming languages.

Articles on optimizations are occasionally included in "ACM
Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems" -- you might enjoy
"Combining Analyses, Combining Optimizations" in the March 1995 issue.

I recall seeing an article on order of optimizations in an issue of
"Software Practice and Experience" of about 1990 vintage, but I don't
recall the exact issue.

The Dragon book doesn't cover at all the field of rearranging for
loops for loop unrolling or use with vector processing or parallel
machines. See recent work by Monica Lam and her students, and see
"Super Compilers for Super Computers" by Wolfe for an introduction to
the subject as it stood in the late '80s.

-- Allyn

P.S. speaking of books: if anyone can send me a copy of the
(withdrawn) text by F. Allen et al on compiler optimizations, I'd
realy like to take a look at it...

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