heuristic optimizations [was "Death by error checks."]

mcintosh@rice.edu (Nathaniel McIntosh)
19 Dec 1995 23:11:56 -0500

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From: mcintosh@rice.edu (Nathaniel McIntosh)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Dec 1995 23:11:56 -0500
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In-reply-to: hbaker@netcom.com's message of 19 Dec 1995 13:16:03 CST

hbaker@netcom.com (Henry Baker) writes:
|This is why a lot of the 'heuristic' optimizations found in compilers
|work mainly for the standard benchmarks and some of the compiler
|vendor's internal code, (or for some of the compiler vendor's most
|favored customers!), but are pretty much a waste of effort for nearly
|every one else.

I agree that there are many optimizations based on heuristics, and
that every heuristic will probably break down in certain situations.
I think it would probably be a mistake to do away with all
heuristic-based optimizations, however. A good global register
allocator would be one example of a optimization that I'd rather not
do without. Sure, it's based on heuristics, but the benefits greatly
outweigh the drawbacks (at least for most of the code I write).

I think that the reason why some optimizations fail so spectacularly
is that it's very difficult to develop "good" heuristics for them.
Loop unrolling is one example that springs to mind. A good heuristic
to determine how much and when to unroll is incredibly difficult to
develop. This doesn't seem to stop compiler writers, however, since as
you point out, even a sloppy implemenation will probably improve
performance for the SPEC benchmarks.

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