Re: Grammar normalization? (David Keppel)
19 Dec 1995 23:10:16 -0500

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From: (David Keppel)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 19 Dec 1995 23:10:16 -0500
Organization: Computer Science & Engineering, U. of Washington, Seattle
References: 95-12-120
Keywords: parse, theory

John Levine <> writes:
>[What's Greibach normal form? -John]

Another cannoical form, like Chomsky Normal Form. With Greibach, all
right-hand productions start with a terminal and may contain variables.

X -> y A B

but not

X -> Y A B
Y -> y

%A John E. Hopcroft
%A Jeffery D. Ullman
%B Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation
%I Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
%D 1979
%P 94-99

;-D on ( Not really striving for normalcy ) Pardo

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