Conference on Freely Redistributable Software (long) (Peter H. Salus)
17 Dec 1995 00:45:11 -0500

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Conference on Freely Redistributable Software (long) (1995-12-17)
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From: (Peter H. Salus)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 17 Dec 1995 00:45:11 -0500
Organization: Pubnix Access Systems (Virginia)
Keywords: conference

Conference on Freely Redistributable Software

Sponsored by the Free Software Foundation

Over the past 15 years freely redistributable software with accessible
code has become ubiquitous. GNU Emacs is the most popular Unix editor
in the world; Linux may well be the most exciting Unix-compatible
operating system; Perl has become indispensible to system
administrators; Expect automates and controls interactive programs.

Join us for a unique conference that will bring together implementors
of different types of freely redistributable software as well as the
publishers of the operating systems and the tools and applications.

The principal systems involved will be the Gnu Hurd, Linux, Net/BSD,
386/BSD, and FreeBSD; tools and applications include Bison, Flex,
Expect, Emacs, PERL, and GCC.

This is the first conference dedicated to bringing together all those
involved in freely redistributable software.

Join us for this and much, much more!

Cambridge Center Marriott
Friday, February 2 through Monday, February 5, 1996

Full Conference Schedule

Friday, February 2, 1996
Registration 6-10pm
Reception 7-9pm

Saturday, February 3, 1996
Registration 8am - 6pm
Tutorials 9am - 5pm
S1: Linux: An Open System for Everyone
(am) - Phil Hughes
S2: Installing and Running Linux (pm)
Phil Hughes
S3: Expect (full day) - Don Libes
S4: C News (am) - Henry Spencer & Geoff Collyer
S5: Advanced editing with Emacs (pm)
Richard M. Stallman
[box lunch is included with tutorial registration]
BoFs 7pm - 10pm

Sunday, February 4, 1996
Registration 8am - 6pm

9-10am: Keynote: Linus Torvalds, introduced by Phil Hughes

10:30am: Session I - Chris Demetriou, chair

Automated Management of an Heterogeneous
Distributed Production Environment -
Ph. Defert et al., CERN

Freely Redistributable Software across the
Internet - Neil Smith, University of Kent

Linux for Research and Teaching of
Operating Systems - Victor Yodaiken, New Mexico
Institute of Mining and Technology

1:30pm: Session II - Don Libes, Session Chair

Freely Redistributable Instead of Commercial
Software -- Yugoslav Experience - Radivoje
Zonjic, University of Belgrade

Linux on the OSF Mach3 micro-kernel -
Francois Barbou des Places, OSF/Grenoble

Internationalization in the GNU Project -
Ulrich Drepper, University of Karlsruhe

Free Software vs. the Medical Challenges
of the 1990's - Greg Wettstein, Roger Maris
Cancer Center

3:30pm: Session III

The RPM Packaging System - Marc Ewing &
Erik Troan, Red Hat Software

Why Should the Value-Added Reseller care about
Free Software? - Rick R. Castrapel & Frank E. Barone

Coordinating Joint Cost/No-cost Rights for
Software Developed with SBIR Funding -
Philip A. Wilsey & Dale E. Martin,
University of Cincinnati

Licensing Alternatives for Freely
Redistributable Software - L. Peter Deutsch,
Aladdin Enterprises

5:15pm: Keynote: Richard M. Stallman, introduced by
L. Peter Deutsch

8-9pm: Special Presentation on INN - Rich Salz, OSF

8-10pm: BoFs

Monday, 5 February 1996
8-10am: Registration
9am - 5pm: Tutorials
M1: Programming the GNU Hurd (full day) -
Michael I. Bushnell
M2: BSD Internals (am) - Margo Seltzer &
Aaron Brown
M3: GCC (pm) - Richard M. Stallman
M4: Perl (full day) - Tom Christiansen

Conference Registration: $200 (Students see *)

Tutorial fees:
pre-reg on-site
Half-day $175 $220
One day $295 $375
One-and-a-half $470 $570
Two days $540 $640
(Students see *)


The conference will be held at the Cambridge Center Marriott, just
across the street from the MIT campus and at the Kendall/MIT station
of the Red Line ``T'' \(em the Boston subway.

To Make Your Hotel Reservation

Special hotel rates have been arranged for attendees at the Conference
on Freely Redistributable Software: US $95/night single or double.
There are non-smoking rooms available. Call the Cambridge Center
Marriott directly: +1 800 228-9290 in the US and Canada; +1 617
494-6600 from elsewhere. Fax: +1 617 494-0036. To ensure that you
get the special hotel rate, tell ``reservations'' that you are an
attendee at the Conference on Freely Redistributable Software.

+1 800 228-9290 in the US and Canada;
+1 617 494-6600 elsewhere

Program committee

Peter H. Salus, chair
Robert J. Chassell
Chris Demetriou
John Gilmore
Marshall Kirk McKusick
Rich Morin
Eric S. Raymond
Vernor Vinge

Conference on Freely Redistributable Software




Phone: ___________________ Fax: __________________ email: ______________________________

Conference Registration Fee $200 (to 1/12/96); $250 (on site); Students (see *) $_____________


I wish to register for:

Saturday, 3 February

S1. Linux OS (am) [ ]

S2. Instal. Linux (pm) [ ]

S3. Expect (full day) [ ]

S4. C News (am) [ ]

S5. Adv. Emacs (pm) [ ]

Monday, 5 February

M1. GNU Hurd (full day) [ ]

M2. BSD (am) [ ]

M3. GCC (pm) [ ]

M4. Perl (full day) [ ]

TOTAL ______

A boxed lunch is included with Tutorial registration.

Please indicate preference:

Saturday Tutorials: [ ] Chicken [ ] Beef [ ] Vegetarian Tossed Salad

Monday Tutorials: [ ] Turkey [ ] Ham+cheese [ ] Vegetarian pocket

* Attention Students: Student fees: $50/conference; $75/tutorial;
Preregistration only. There will be a limited number of
scholarships available for students applying with a copy of current
student identification.


Enclosed: [ ] Check [ ] Money order [ ] Traveler's Check Payments must be in US Dollars.

Credit Card: [ ] MC [ ] Visa [ ] AmEx [ ] JCB [ ] Diner's Club [ ] Carte Blanche

Credit Card Number: _______________________________________ Exp. Date: ______________

Signature: _______________________________________

The Conference on Freely Redistributable Software will be held February 2-5 1996 at the

Cambridge Marriott Hotel, Kendall Square, Cambridge MA, USA.

For more information contact:
Free Software Foundation
59 Temple Place Suite 330
Boston MA 02111-1307 USA
Phone: +1 617 542-5942 Fax: +1 617 542-2652

Peter H. Salus #3303 4 Longfellow Place Boston, MA 02114
+1 617 723 3092

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