Re: Lazy Evaluation of a DFA (James Kanze US/ESC 60/3/141 #40763)
9 Dec 1995 19:38:51 -0500

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From: (James Kanze US/ESC 60/3/141 #40763)
Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Date: 9 Dec 1995 19:38:51 -0500
Organization: SEL
References: 95-11-205 95-11-254 95-11-261
Keywords: lex, performance, DFA (ozan s. yigit) writes:

|> I wrote:

|> I think this is wrong. common egrep builds a complete dfa for speed.

|> Well, Don Pardo tells me he knows a common egrep that uses lazy
|> construction. I am almost sure this cannot be SYSV egrep. :)

I'm going back a long time, now, but I seem to remember early Unix
manuals stating that egrep was very fast on large input, but had
significant start-up time. Somewhere along the line, this start-up
time disappeared. Could this be due to a change from building a
complete DFA to using lazy evaluation? (On all but very large input,
lazy evaluation will be a win, because of the number of states that
never get evaluated.)
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