Compiler positions available for week ending October 29
Sun, 29 Oct 1995 12:00:00 GMT

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Compiler positions available for week ending October 29 (1995-10-29)
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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 12:00:00 GMT

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X-Organisation: Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics & Astronomy
                                University of Amsterdam
                                Kruislaan 403
                                NL-1098 SJ Amsterdam
                                The Netherlands
X-Phone: +31 20 525 7463
X-Fax: +31 20 525 7490
From: (Pieter Hartel)
Subject: Ph.D. student logic+functional, Amsterdam, NL
Date: 23 Oct 1995 08:25:14 +0100
Organization: FWI, University of Amsterdam

The project `Parallel declarative programming: transforming logic
programs to lazy functional programs' has recently been approved by the
Netherlands Computer Science Research Foundation (SION) under number
612 33 003. The project is a collaboration of the computer architecture
group of the University of Amsterdam and logic and language group of
the CWI. Applications are invited for a:

PhD student computer science (m/f)

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Amsterdam
offers courses in Computer Science, Information systems and Artificial
Intelligence. The Department participates in many international
collaborations with universities and industry.

The Computer Architecture group of the Department of Computer Science
designs and builds application oriented high-performance
architectures. The research covers many aspects, from program
correctness and ease of use to hardware development and VLSI design.

To investigate the parallelization of logic programs by means of their
translation into lazy functional programs. This includes research into
theoretical aspects of this translation, the determination of the area
of applicability, formalisation and implementation of the method and
the realisation of a number of experiments where measurements and
performance modeling will assess the viability of this approach. The
emphasis will be on the practical issues.

* A good degree in computer science.
* Experience in one or more of the following areas:
    declarative programming, compiler construction, parallel computing.
* An interest in both the practical implementation aspects as well as the
    theoretical background.
* The ability to work in a team.
* Good communication skills.

Further information may be obtained from:
Dr. Pieter H. Hartel

Applications quoting `logic-functional' must be sent to:

Personnel Dept.
Dept. of Computer Science
Univ. of Amsterdam
Plantage Muidergracht 24
1018 TV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Applications must arrive NO LATER THAN November 30, 1995

The maximum period of employment is 4 years. The initial contract will
be for 24 months, with an extension of no more than 24 months. The
salary will start at Dfl 2077 per month, raising over a 4 year period
to Dfl 3709 per month.

Further particulars are available by anonymous ftp to,
file pub/computer-systems/functional/misc/


From: Lori Pollock <>
Subject: 2 tenure track positions
Date: 24 Oct 1995 15:25:04 GMT
Organization: University of Delaware, Newark

                                                  UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE
                                          Tenure-Track Faculty Positions
                        (One in Systems, one in Artificial Intelligence)

                  The University of Delaware, centrally located on the East
        Coast, within day-trip distance of New York, Philadelphia, Bal-
        timore, and Washington, invites applications for two tenure-track
        assistant professor positions in the Department of Computer and
        Information Sciences beginning September 1, 1996. One position
        will be in the area of systems and the other in the area of
        artificial intelligence. For the systems position, excellent
        candidates are sought in computer architecture, operating sys-
        tems, parallel and distributed computing, and compilers. For the
        AI position, excellent candidates are sought in planning, multi-
        agent systems, machine learning, knowledge representation, and
        automated reasoning. Responsibilities of these positions include
        research, pursuit of external funding, supervision of graduate
        student research, and graduate and undergraduate teaching. A
        Ph.D. degree or its equivalent is required.

                  The Department offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral
        degrees and has 14 tenure-track faculty, 3 visiting faculty, and
        5 research faculty, along with about 100 graduate students, a
        majority of whom are pursuing the Ph.D. The Department has
        excellent research computing facilities and close ties with
        government and private research labs.

                  Candidates should send a curriculum vitae to Dr. Sandra Car-
        berry, Chair, Faculty Search Committee, Department of Computer
        and Information Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE
        19716. In addition, candidates should have three confidential
        letters of reference sent directly to the above address or by
        email to All applications received by
        January 16, 1996 will be considered.

                  The UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE is an Equal Opportunity Employer
        which encourages applications from Minority Group Members and


From: (mike gore)
Subject: Compiler Positions @ Intel in Arizona
Date: 24 Oct 1995 15:36:14 GMT
Organization: Netcom

15 Compiler Positions Open

Intel's Arizona Compiler Group is looking for compiler, debugger and
assembler/linker engineers to work on programming tools for advanced
embedded RISC processors. The team will work closely with
microprocessor architects to explore new architectures, develop highly
optimizing compilers for commercial microprocessors, and provide
complete program development solutions to customers.

All positions require BS or MS in Computer Science or Engineering with
extensive program development experience using C or C++ in UNIX and
MS-Windows environments. Experience with GNU compiler technology will
be an advantage.

Openings are available in the following areas:

Debugger Engineers
* Implement advanced debuggers for symbolic debug of optimized code.
* Provide processor- specific support for architectural features of new

Assembler/Linker Engineers
* Implement support for new processors
* Investigate and support advanced features of high-level languages
* Perform link-time optimizations

Monitor Engineers
* Develop low-level monitor support for new processors
* Provide interfaces to advanced debuggers

Candidates will have design experience at the OS level or hands-on
experience in embedded-systems development. Knowledge of hardware and
software interfaces with peripheral chips is desirable. Must have
programmed in at least on assembly language.

Compiler Engineers
* Work closely with microprocessor designers to help define new
architectures, evaluate implementation tradeoffs, run simulations and
performance benchmarks
* Implement state-of-the-art compiler optimizations to take advantage
of processor features
* Integrate C and C++ front-ends with optimizing back-ends

Prior experience in front-ends, code generation or code optimization is
necessary. Candidate with strong background in microprocessor
architecture will be preferred.

This position offers an excellent salary, bonus, and relocation

Please respond by emailing an ASCII resume to:


Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 16:34:58 +0059 (EDT)
From: Richard F Mirabile <>
Subject: Compiler Development Position, Boston, MA

Client: BSO/Tasking
Company seeks experienced engineer for compiler development. Open ended
skill set that includes minimum of 3 years working with compilers and
debuggers. Salary is in the 50-60K range, located on route 128 south of
Boston, MA, excellent benefits package.

The company is a leading developer and worldwide vendor of integrated
software development tools. The international headquarters is located in
Boston and the European headquartes is located in Amersfoot, Netherlands.
The company is a 17 million dollar force in the embedded systems industry
with a commitment to expanding its market share in the United States. The
company provides a full selection of products and services supporting a
wide range of CISC, RISC and DSP semiconductor technologies with leading
edge software development tools. BSO/Taskings products are closely
integrated with HP in circuit emulation systems and provided as turn-key
embedded development solutions.

If you are interested in this position, please contact,

Ric Mirabile
Erickson Associates
1408 Providence Hwy.
Norwood, MA 02062
TEL (617) 769-8780
FAX (617) 769-3889


From: (Cheryl Erickson)
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 14:53:20 -0800
Organization: Taligent, Inc.

Taligent, Inc. is developing a new application system based on
object-oriented technology, which will provide the foundation for a new
generation of distributed workgroup and enterprise applications and
software components. Established in March 1992, Taligent is an
independent software company, owned by Apple Computer, Inc.,
Hewlett-Packard Company and IBM Corporation. Taligent, along with its
investors, will license, market and support its software products

Sr. Compiler Engineer

Participate in the development of Taligent's industry-leading C++
compiler. Implement parts of semantic analysis for C++, as well as
connections to our new incremental development environment. Experience
developing compiler front ends, knowledge of C++, and a BS in Computer
Science are required. Experience with incremental compilation, experience
implementing C++, and an MS in Computer Science are preferred. Dept.

Compiler Engineer

Join Taligent's industry-leading C++ compiler team. Help take this
compiler to market as part of Taligent's new incremental development
environment. Measure and improve the compiler's performance; stress the
limits as part of our productization efforts. Knowledge of C++, training
in compiler development, and a BSCS are required. Dept. CE-NB1

Porting Quality Engineer

Responsible for building and regression testing of the port of Taligent's
incremental integrated development environment to CommponPoint on Windows
NT. You will help drive the team's directions by exposing problems on as
many fronts as possible. Responsibilities include contributing in a wide
variety of ways to support the port of the entire IDE. Experience should
include a tools background on Windows NT and/or a development tools
testing background. Experience in the following areas is a plus; C++,
Windows NT, CommonPoint development, porting, debugger development, and
compiler development. Requires BSCS or equivalent and a minimum of 2
years related experience. GR-PB

CommonPoint Porting Engineer

You will be a part of a team porting Taligent's incremental integratd
development enviornment to the CommonPoint on Windows NT. You will take
the lead in solving problems. Responsibilities include contributing in a
wide variety of ways to support the port of the entire IDE. Experience
should incude developing or porting CommonPoint applications. Experiences
among the following areas area a plus: C++, Windows NT, compiler
development, CommonPoint development, porting, debugger development and
linker development. Requires BSCS or equivalent and a minimum of 3 years
related experience. Dept. PB-CE1

Compiler Engineer

Responsible for porting the incremental compiler in Taligent's integrated
development environment to the CommponPoint on the Windows NT platform.
You will develop the compiler/debugger interface. You will be the porting
team's focal point driving compiler work. Responsibilities include
contributing in a wide variety of ways to support the port of the entire
IDE. Experience should include compiler development and a strong C++
background. Experiences among the following areas are a plus: Windows NT,
CommonPoint development, porting, and linker development. BSCS or
equivalent and a minimum of 3 years related experience. Dept. CE-PB

Debugger Engineer

Responsible for porting the debugger in Taligent's incremental integrated
development environment to the CommonPoint on the Windows platform. You
will change the operating system and machine specific parts of the
debugger to work with Windows NT and the X86 architecture.
Responsibilities include contributing in a wide variety of ways to support
the port of the entire IDE. Experience should include debugger
development. Experience in the following areas is a plus: C++, Windows
NT, compiler development, CommonPoint development, porting, and linker
development. BSCS or equivalent and a minimum of 3 years related
experience. Dept. CE-PB2

Compiler Engineer - Back-end

Will improve PowerPC and Intel code generation for Taligent's C++
compilers. Requires 3 years experience in code generation and
optimization techniques. Should also have an understanding of the
performance of C++ programs and of the issues in debugging optimized
code. BSCS, MS preferred and a minimum of 4 years of related experience.

Test Tools Engineer

Join the team developing an incremental C++ compiler for the integrated
object-oriented development environment cpProfessional. Maintain and
enhance the automatic networked build and test system that forms the
backbone of our internal development effort. Support compiler developers
as well as users of the compiler. Work with industry-standard compiler
test suites. Requires a BSCS or equivalent plus 2 years experience with
Unix and scripting (including ksh). Knowledge of MS Windows desirable.
Compiler testing and C++ experience a plus. GR-NB

Please send your resume to:

Taligent, Inc.
Attn: Staffing
10201 N. DeAnza Blvd.
Cupertino, CA 95014-2000

FAX 408 777-5481
E-M to


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