Java Grammar (John D. Mitchell)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 07:11:06 GMT

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Java Grammar (1995-09-28)
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From: (John D. Mitchell)
Keywords: standards, C++, available
Organization: Mitchell Research
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 07:11:06 GMT

                                                        Proposed Standard
                                                Java Programming Language
                                                    Grammar Specification

                                                        September 26, 1994

                Terence J. Parr
John D. Mitchell
Gary Funck

For the moment, we maintain the copyright on this grammar.

1.00 Initial proposal

                This file is located at:

This grammar is designed for language specification purposes and is
*not* executable. Its purpose is to define the syntactic structure of
the Java language. Neither PCCTS nor YACC will accept this file as
input. It is most certainly non-LL(k) for any k and probably not
LALR(1) due to context-sensitivity (must use symbol table info to
parse, but due to forward references, one doesn't have that
information). The grammar is much tighter than you'd probably use in
practice; for example, we differentiate between lvalues and rvalues
rather than letting it slide to the semantic analysis phase.

No semantic information is used in this grammar; i.e., we have not
predicated any productions on symbol table information.

It is built from our experience in writing an initial Java front end
using PCCTS. The front end is not yet available. Stay tuned for more

                We hope this will facilitate the open discussion of and eventual
                standardization of the Java programming language so that we can
                all move forward from a safe and sane base and write lots of
                truly cool software.

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