ANNOUNCEMENT: First SUIF Compiler Workshop

rfrench@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Robert S. French)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:17:59 GMT

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ANNOUNCEMENT: First SUIF Compiler Workshop rfrench@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (1995-09-19)
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From: rfrench@Xenon.Stanford.EDU (Robert S. French)
Keywords: parallel, conference
Organization: Computer Science Department, Stanford University.
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 19:17:59 GMT

                      == W O R K S H O P A N N O U N C E M E N T ==
                      == ==
                      == and ==
                      == ==
                      == C A L L F O R P A R T I C I P A T I O N ==
                      == ==
                      == First SUIF Compiler Workshop ==
                      == Stanford University ==
                      == January 11-13, 1996 ==

SUIF (Stanford University Intermediate Format) is a compiler system
designed to support collaborative research in optimizing and
parallelizing compilers. The system is based on the concept of having
different independent compiler passes cooperate via a common program
representation. The first release of the compiler system was made
publicly available in May 1994.

The SUIF Compiler workshop is a new workshop for those interested in,
or already using, the SUIF intermediate format. It will be held on
the Stanford University campus on January 11-13, 1996.

The primary goals of this workshop are:
    - to create a forum for SUIF users to share ideas and recent results
    - to encourage collaboration between different institutions
    - to provide information to those interested in using SUIF

The format of the workshop is as follows:
    - Afternoon of January 11 (Thursday)
          - a tutorial on SUIF
    - January 12 (Friday) and morning of January 13 (Saturday)
          - presentations and demonstrations of new software developed for SUIF
          - birds-of-a-feather sessions to discuss work in progress
          - informal discussions and brainstorming

At this time we are requesting that people interested in attending the
workshop send a brief note to:


Knowing how many people to expect will aid us in our planning. You
will be placed on a mailing list to receive further information about
the workshop as it becomes available.

Attendees are invited to participate in informal discussions and/or
present papers. We welcome papers describing new SUIF software,
research results, and work in progress. The submission can be an
abstract of a few pages, or a full-length paper that has appeared or
may appear in other publications. We request that you send your paper
to us by November 15, 1995. Your paper will be reviewed for relevance
and you will be notified of acceptance by December 1, 1995. Papers
will be collected into a workshop proceedings and distributed at the
workshop. Papers for which we do not have a copyright will appear as
an abstract, with a pointer to the full paper.

Papers should be submitted in PostScript and mailed to:


Questions about the workshop should be addressed to:


We look forward to hearing from you!

                                                Monica Lam, Program Chair

Workshop Organizers:

    General Chair: Rob French Stanford University
    Program Committee: Monica Lam Stanford University
                                                Todd Mowry University of Toronto
                                                Mike Smith Harvard University
                                                Steve Tjiang Synopsys Inc.


For more information about the SUIF Compiler System, and for updates
about the workshop, please see our Web page:


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