Internet Resource List -- Compilers -- Posting and Pointer (Nina Pinto)
Tue, 19 Sep 1995 16:27:43 GMT

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Internet Resource List -- Compilers -- Posting and Pointer (1995-09-19)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Nina Pinto)
Keywords: summary, WWW
Organization: Netcom
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 1995 16:27:43 GMT

Here's our now updated list of compiler-related Internet resources. If
you know of still others, please email me at ninapint@ix.netcom so we
can include them. Thanks.

It's on the web at

Compiler Internet Resource List

--FAQ's and Other Reports

--Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
USENET groups:comp.compilers, comp.lang.misc,
comp.archives.admin, news.answers,
FTP from:
hierarchy/news/answers as compilers_
FTP from:
---:Excellent list by category such as language as well as a
list of assemblers, by architecture (8051, 68K, etc.).
Maintained (David Muir Sharnoff)

--Comp.compilers Monthly Message
FTP from
---:Maintained by John R. Levine
this FAQ answers questions such as Where can I get a Basic
grammar in yacc" and includes a book list.

Hot Lists Relating to Compilers

--Mleone list of compilers and programming language projects
and resources
---:Bibliography list
---:Project list

--Bibliographies on Programming and Compiler Technology
---:Last two URL's are searchable by key word; manitoba is

--Compiler Archive Library
---:Searchable index.

Institutions and Organizations

--Massively Scalar Compiler Group, Rice University

--PIPS group
---:PIPS is a compiler project related to automatic

--Rice University Compiler Group

--Stanford SUIF Compiler Group

--Univ. of Maryland - Compiler Project
---:Includes on-line versions of their research papers.


--Amsterdam Compiler Kit
---:Goal is to simplify task of producing cross compilers
and interpreters.

--McCat Compiler Architecture
---:McCAT Compiler Architecture Testbed -- efficient
exploration of parallelism, high-performance, C Compiler.

--Purdue Compiler Construction ToolSet
---:PCCTS, the Purdue Compiler Construction Tool Set, is a
set of public-domain software tools designed to facilitate
the construction of compilers and other translation systems.


--news:comp.compilers is devoted to this topic.

--Jan Vitek maintains an archive of the USENET group at and it
is also at: as well as by email

--Green Eggs Report of postings that reference new WWW sites
is at:


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