CFP- 10th Intl Parallel Processing Symp. (IPPS 96) (D Jayasimha)
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CFP- 10th Intl Parallel Processing Symp. (IPPS 96) (1995-09-06)
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From: (D Jayasimha)
Keywords: CFP, conference, parallel, architecture
Organization: The Ohio State University Dept. of Computer and Info. Science
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 1995 19:54:43 GMT

10th International Parallel Processing Symposium (IPPS '96)

April 15-19, 1996 - Sheraton Waikiki Hotel - Honolulu, Hawaii

Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Parallel Processing

In cooperation with ACM SIGARCH

Information in the following order:

        1.CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (Workshops, Tutorials, Industrial/Commercial)

        2.CALL FOR PAPERS (Instructions, Program Committee)

        3.ORGANIZATION (Organizers/Advisors, Location, Dates)

To receive a hard copy of this announcement, send e-mail to Regina
Morton at


The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Parallel
Processing invites engineers and scientists from around the world to
participate in the 10th International Parallel Processing Symposium.
Established to advance knowledge in all areas of parallel processing and
related technologies, the symposium is the committee's primary event
for presenting the most recent research and development findings. In its
10th year, the now standard IPPS events include contributed technical
papers, keynote speeches and panels, workshops and tutorials, and an
industrial track and commercial exhibits.

WORKSHOPS: Workshops offer the opportunity for in-depth
exploration of selected topics. Those already planned for next year are
listed below. However, proposals for workshops to address other topics
in the field are encouraged. To organize a workshop, send a one page
proposal to the Symposium Chair by September 29, 1995. To participate
in an already planned workshop, contact organizer listed below:

            Heterogeneous Computing
            Organizer: Richard Freund,

            Parallel and Distributed Real Time Systems
            Organizer: Lonnie Welch,

            Reconfigurable Architectures
            Organizer: Hossam ElGindy,

            High Speed Network Computing
            Organizer: Hussein Alnuweiri,

            Solving Irregular Problems on Distributed Memory Machines
            Organizer: Sanjay Ranka,

            Job Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Processing
            Organizer: Larry Rudolph,

            Randomized Parallel Computing
            Organizer: S. Rajasekaran,

            Formal methods for parallel programming: theory and applications
            Organizer: Pr Dominique MERY, email:

            High-Level Programming Models and Supportive Environments
            Organizer: Rudolf G. Hackenberg,


            Viktor K. Prasanna
            Department of EE-Systems, EEB 244
            University of Southern California
            Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562, USA
            Vox 213-740-4483 / Fax 213-740-4418

TUTORIALS: Proposals are solicited for organizing full or half-day
tutorials. Interested individuals should submit a proposal including
lecture outline, description of intended audience, and vita of speaker(s)
to the Tutorials Chair by October 31, 1995.


            Sajal Das
            University of North Texas

paired activities give manufacturers of commercial products the
opportunity to both explain and demonstrate their wares. The Industrial
Track consists of original technical papers authored and presented by
representatives from various companies (one paper per company).
Topics of interest for papers include but are not limited to descriptions,
comparisons, or evaluations of the design, implementation, or
performance of an existing commercial system. Commercial Exhibits
allow vendors to display their products in an informal "walk-up and
talk" setting. Companies are encouraged to participate in both of these
events. For more details, contact the Industrial-Commercial Chair by
October 31, 1995.


            John K. Antonio
            School of Electrical Engineering
            1285 Electrical Engineering Building
            Purdue University
            West Lafayette, IN 47907-1285, USA
            Vox 317-494-6416 / Fax 317-494-6951


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that demonstrate original
unpublished research in all areas of parallel processing including
development of experimental or commercial systems as well as their
scientific and commercial applications. Topics of interest include but are
not limited to:

    Performance Modeling/Evaluation
    Signal & Image Processing Systems
    Parallel Implementations of Applications
    Parallel Programming Environments
    Parallel Algorithms
    Parallel Architectures
    Parallel Languages
    Special Purpose Processors
    Parallelizing Compilers
    Scientific Computing
    VLSI Systems
    Network Computing

To submit an original research paper, send to the Program Chair six
hard copies of your complete manuscript (not to exceed 25 double-
spaced pages of text including references, figures, tables, etc. and using
12 point type on 8.5 x 11 inch pages). Be sure to include postal and
e-mail addresses and vox and fax numbers. All manuscripts will be
reviewed. Manuscripts must be received by September 20, 1995.
Submissions received after that or exceeding the length limit may be
returned and not considered. Notification of review decisions will be
mailed by December 20, 1995. Camera-ready papers are due January
23, 1996. Proceedings will be available at the Symposium. Fax or
electronic submissions will not be considered.


            Kai Hwang, IPPS'96
            Parallel Computing Lab., EEB 200C
            University of Southern California
            Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562, USA
            Fax: 213-740-4418


            Mikhail Atallah, Purdue University

            John Gustafson, Ames Laboratory

            Jean-Loup Baer, University of Washington

            Gul Agha, University of Illinois, Urbana


            Hussein Alnuweiri, University of British Columbia, Canada
            Richard Anderson, University of Washington
            Prith Banerjee, University of Illinois, Urbana
            Thomas Bemmerl, RWTH Aachen, Germany
            Francine Berman, University of California, San Diego
            Laxmi Bhuyan, Texas A&M University
            Thomas Casavant, University of Iowa
            Danny Chen, University of Notre Dame
            Andrew Chien, University of Illinois, Urbana
            Francis Chin, Hong Kong University
            Alok Choudhary, Syracuse University
            Robert Cypher, Johns Hopkins University
            Jack Dongarra, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
            David Du, University of Minnesota
            Michel Dubois, University of Southern California
            Ian Foster, Argonne National Laboratory
            Phillip Gibbons, AT&T Bell Laboratory
            Ronald Greenberg, University of Maryland
            Matthew Haines, NASA Langley Research Center
            Oscar Ibarra, University of California, Santa Barbara
            Joseph Ja'Ja', University of Maryland
            Ken Kennedy, Rice University
            Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota
            Guo-Jie Li, Chinese Academy of Sciences
            Kai Li, Princeton University
            D. Martinez, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
            Louise Moser, University of California, Santa Barbara
            Lionel Ni, Michigan State University
            David Padua, University of Illinois, Urbana
            D.K. Panda, Ohio State University
            Gregory Plaxton, University of Texas at Austin
            Umakishore Ramachandran, Georgia Institute of Technology
            C.P. Ravikumar, Indian Institute of Technology, Dehli
            Rafael Saavedra, University of Southern California
            Sartaj Sahni, University of Florida
            Assaf Schuster, Technion, Israel
            Kang Shin, University of Michigan
            Behrooz Shirazi, University of Texas at Arlington
            H.J. Siegel, Purdue University
            David Wood, University of Wisconsin
            Pen Yew, University of Minnesota
            C.K. Yuen, National University of Singapore


Symposium Chair: Viktor K. Prasanna
University of Southern California

Program Chair: Kai Hwang
University of Southern California

Chairman Emeritus: Larry Canter
Computer Systems Approach, Inc.

Steering Committee Chair: George Westrom
Odetics, Inc.

Steering Committee:
Larry Canter, Computer Systems Approach, Inc.
K. Mani Chandy, Caltech
F. Tom Leighton, MIT
Viktor K. Prasanna, USC
George Westrom, Odetics, Inc.

Advisory Committee:
Anant Agarwal, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Michel Cosnard, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France
Michael J Flynn, Stanford University
Richard Karp, University of California, Berkeley
Gary Miller, Carnegie Mellon University
Ahmed Sameh, University of Minnesota
Charles L. Seitz, Myricom, Inc.
Leslie Valiant, Harvard University
Zeke Zalcstein, National Science Foundation

Finance Chair: Bill Pitts
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

Local Arrangements Chair: Susamma Barua
California State University, Fullerton

Publicity Chair: Sally Jelinek
Electronic Design Associates

Publicity Coordinators:

            Europe-Africa-Middle East
            Jose Rolim, University of Geneva

            Pacific Rim
            Piyush Maheshwari, Griffith University, Australia

            North America
            D.N. Jayasimha, Ohio State University

            East Asia
            Mikhail Mahaniok
            Academy of Sciences of Belarus

            Central/South America
            Liria Matsumoto Sato
            University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


            Take an IPPS '96 Vacation!

Hawaii is an American treasure - an island delight with all the amenities
of an international meeting place. Centrally located on the
world-famous Waikiki Beach, the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel is the flagship
of the Sheraton Hawaii fleet and with 4 nearby sister hotels serves as
the center of entertainment in Waikiki. It is ideally located near Honolulu
shopping, fine dining, and recreational facilities. The Sheraton family can
offer golf, tennis, horseback riding, and any water sport you might
imagine. IPPS '96 in Honolulu is an ideal way to mix business and
pleasure - and perfect for all ages. Prepare early to obtain bargain
flights and take advantage of the special IPPS '96 hotel rates. With
workshops and tutorials a standard part of our event, there are many
options for participating in the symposium. For details, check the Web.


            Paper Submission Deadline: September 20, 1995
            Workshop Proposal Deadline: September 29, 1995
            Tutorial Proposal Deadline: October 31, 1995
            Industrial Track Deadline: October 31, 1995
            Paper Review Decisions Mailed: December 20, 1995
            Camera Ready Manuscript Due: January 23, 1996

Updated meeting information may be retrieved from the Web using the


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