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Tue, 11 Jul 1995 17:58:43 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Henry Baker)
Keywords: history, design, comment
Organization: nil
References: 95-06-047 95-07-065
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 17:58:43 GMT (David Chase) wrote:

> - be wary of untested "great hacks", even when they come from a renowned
> Institute of Technology.

I think that it would be fairer to let HAKMEM speak for itself.

If anyone is interested, the whole HAKMEM is available online at:

There is also a pointer to the tiff G4 compressed scanned version
of HAKMEM in the html document.

Below is the actual text of HAKMEM 169. I can't find a single mention
of C, RISC, SPARC, ALPHA, POWERPC, Pentium, etc. Go figure.

<h3>ITEM 169 (in order of one-ups-manship: Gosper, Mann, Lenard, [Root and

To count the ones in a <a href="../pdp-10/pdp-10.html">PDP-6/10</a> word:

                LDB B,[014300,,A] ;or MOVE B,A then LSH B,-1
                AND B,[333333,,333333]
                SUB A,B
                LSH B,-1
                AND B,[333333,,333333]
                SUBB A,B ;each octal digit is replaced by number of
1's in it
                LSH B,-3
                ADD A,B
                AND A,[070707,,070707]
                IDIVI A,77 ;casting out 63.'s

These ten instructions, with constants extended, would work on word lengths up
to 62.; eleven suffice up to 254..

www/ftp directory:
[Aha. It WAS faster on the PDP-6. -John]

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