Free Eiffel for Windows (Bertrand Meyer)
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 18:54:30 GMT

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Free Eiffel for Windows (1995-07-10)
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Newsgroups: comp.lang.eiffel,comp.object,,,comp.compilers
From: (Bertrand Meyer)
Summary: New compiler available for free
Keywords: Eiffel, available, 386, FTP
Organization: Interactive Software Engineering Inc.
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 18:54:30 GMT

Last week, as noted in an earlier message to comp.lang.eiffel, marked
the tenth anniversary of ISE's incorporation.

Here is one of the actions that we are taking to celebrate this

* As a service to the software community, and to further the progress
* of modern sofware engineering ideas, object technology, and Eiffel,
* ISE is making available by FTP through a major archive site a
* free personal Eiffel system for Windows. The official name of
* the system is FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS (all upper-case).

The archive site is "SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)",
a well-known archive site for PC software, which, the last time we
checked, had some 55 mirror sites worldwide. [Note that we are not at
this point making this software available through]
See details below about how to download the software.

FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS is a simple environment with a tty-based
interface, which, although probably not suitable for the development
of production systems, is more than enough to become familiar
with the Eiffel language and the Eiffel approach to constructing
quality software. It includes in particular the following features:

- Full implementation of the Eiffel language except `external'

- No limitation as to the size of the systems that you may produce
and compile.

- Comes with more than 150 reusable classes from the EiffelBase
library (including the Kernel Library).

- Based on ISE's widely praised Melting Ice compilation technology.
The libraries are precompiled; user-contributed classes are
"melted", that is to say the compiler generates directly
interpretable code, avoiding C and machine-code generation.

- Introductory on-line documentation: text files totaling about
5000 lines, including the language introduction also available
from this is
sufficient to get started, although to do serious stuff you
will need to get some Eiffel book.

- Menu-driven textual interface allowing compilation (melting)
and many documentation and browsing operations: short form
(abstract interface) of a class, flat form (flattening of
inheritance structure), flat-short form, access to ancestors of
a class, access to descendants of a class, access to the clusters
of a system, to the redefinitions of a feature etc. etc.

- The generated output can be executed on an another PC (whether
or not it runs FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS) by copying a couple
of files.

As far as we know this is the second free Eiffel compiler (after Ian
Leonard's pioneering EON effort, see the comp.lang.eiffel FAQ). Its
easy availability on numerous sites worldwide should help bring a whole
new group of people to Eiffel.

This is not a new development but an outgrowth of the proven ISE line
of Eiffel compilers, whose first commercial version was released back
in 1986.

Please note that this software is free in the sense of free of charge,
but is not public domain. It remains fully copyrighted and protected by

Technical support for FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS is available for a fee.
See the distribution for details.

If you want to go a bit further, we recommend our graphical
versions, in particular:

- Our best-selling Linux version - the full ISE Eiffel 3.3 with
no restriction for a very affordable price.

- The Personal Edition of Graphical Eiffel for Windows, restricted
by the absence of C generation, but giving access to the full
graphical environment.

For details and further announcements please be sure to consult
our Web site at or send mail to

Here is the upload message giving the specifics of the FREE EIFFEL
FOR WINDOWS archive:

We have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software
Repository (tm) (available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror
site and the secondary mirrors of SimTel):

SimTel/win3/eiffel/ Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 1/6 Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 2/6 Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 3/6 Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 4/6 Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 5/6 Free ISE Eiffel Compiler & EiffelBase 6/6

FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS is ISE's compiler and environment for the
object-oriented language Eiffel. It uses a TTY-based, menu-driven
interface allowing the flexibility of the graphical product at no
cost under Windows 3.1 & Windows NT.

Included is the precompiled library EiffelBase with more than 150

Special requirements: 386 or above, 8M of RAM, plenty of free space
on your disk drive for projects, Windows 3.1 or above or Windows
NT 3.5.

Uploaded by company representative to celebrate ISE's 10th Birthday.


Note that the size of the executable is 4.5 MB which, although large by
Windows standards, should give plenty of elbow room if you have 8MB of RAM.

We hope you enjoy FREE EIFFEL FOR WINDOWS and pass on the information
to your colleagues.

Bertrand Meyer, ISE Inc., Santa Barbara
805-685-1006, fax 805-685-6869, <>
Web home page:

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