1st AMAST Workshop on Language Processing

scollo@cs.utwente.nl (Pippo Scollo)
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 18:06:08 GMT

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1st AMAST Workshop on Language Processing scollo@cs.utwente.nl (1995-07-10)
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From: scollo@cs.utwente.nl (Pippo Scollo)
Keywords: conference, theory
Organization: University of Twente, Dept. of Computer Science
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 18:06:08 GMT

Preliminary Announcement

First AMAST Workshop on Language Processing

Place : University of Twente, Enschede
the Netherlands

Time : 6-8 December 1995

Organizers : A. Nijholt (Enschede)
M. Nivat (Paris)
T. Rus (Iowa City)

Theme : Algebraic Methods in Language Processing

This workshop is organized in the framework provided by
the Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology (AMAST)
movement. In this framework four large international
conferences have been held and, until now, three workshops
(one on Topology and Completion in Semantics, the other two
on Real-Time Systems).
The First AMAST Workshop on Language Processing will be
organized in Enschede. This workshop will focus on algebraic
methods in formal languages, programming languages and
natural languages.

Aims of the Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to bring together those
researchers on formal language theory, programming
language theory and natural language description
theory, that have a common interest in the use of
algebraic methods to describe syntactic, semantic and
pragmatic properties of language. The workshop does
not concentrate on natural language only. There is
interesting use of algebraic methods in programming
language processing (compiler construction and
development of programming language environments)
and (obviously) in formal language theory. Moreover,
it is becoming clear that some of the methods
developed in these fields can play a role in natural
language description and processing.

Invited Speakers
A preliminary list of invited speakers is given below.

* An Algebraic Framework for Analogies and Metaphors
    Bibin Indurkhya, Boston, USA

* Implication Structures and Residuated Algebras related
    to Formal Grammar
    Wojciech Buszkowski, A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan,

* An Algebraic Perspective on Grammatical Theories for
    Natural Language
    Theo M.V. Janssen, Univ. of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

* Algebraic Processing of Programming Languages
    Teo Rus, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA

* Contextual Grammars with Depth-First Derivation.
    Carlos Martin Vide, J. Miquel-Verges & Gh. Paun,
    Barcelona, Spain

* Tools for Contextual Syntactic Analysis
    Francois Barthelemy, CNAM-Laboratoire de Micro-informatique,
    Paris, France

* Parsing Schemata and Correctness of Parsing Algorithms
    Klaas Sikkel, GMD, Bonn, Germany

Some other speakers will be added to this list. A complete
program of the workshop and information about registration
will be available in September 1995. For more information
contact: anijholt@cs.utwente.nl.

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