Any assembly to {pseudocode | flowchart} converter?

"Prakash R." <>
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:29:36 GMT

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Any assembly to {pseudocode | flowchart} converter? (Prakash R.) (1995-06-15)
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From: "Prakash R." <>
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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:29:36 GMT
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Is there a "assembly" to { pseudo code | flowchart } convertor
somewhere? ( Assembly --> C would also do fine. )

The real problem:

I have inherited an old system whose entire code is written in
assembly. None of the original people who have developed them are around.
There is very little documentation available.

Now I have to make changes in the system. I have to sit and make
sense out of the code. I am not very used to large systems written in
assembly. What can I do? Right now, I'm "flowcharting" the code by hand
and try to interpret it.

The system is being phased out. So re-engineering the system is
ruled out. ( The system will still be around for about one to 1-1/2 years.
i.e., until the new product comes out. ) So I need something to keep it
alive for that long.

What do I do? What kind of S/W can be used to help me make sense
of the code? I don't know whether this is the right mailing list to ask
this question. But any pointers would be very helpful.

Any FAQs, any mailing lists, any S/W or anybody with similar
experience? Any info would be greatly appreciated?

- Thanks in advance
Prakash :)


Prakash R. email :
Research Engineer. Phone : 091-80-2263399 / Extn - 235

Centre for Development of Telematics
Sneha Complex, Fax : 091-80-2263256
71/1, Miller Road,
Bangalore - 560052
[I once reviewed an assembler flowcharter for Computer Language, but
concluded that it wasn't of much use. -John]

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