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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: C, design, question
Organization: iCon BBS / Surabaya, Indonesia / (62) (31) 566-0625
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 12:11:55 GMT
Status: RO

I'm currently writing a full ANSI C compiler, and I want to make the
compiler very portable and easy retargetable to different platform. I'm
interested in Jim Hendrix's Small C approach which use a table to
associate p-code and 8086 assembly string code. If the translation table
stored in a file, the user of the compiler can retarget the compiler
without rebuilding the compiler.

I want to use that approach, but Jim Hendrix's p-code cannot handle
variative data structure in ANSI C specification. And it seems that the
p-code designs to suit to Accumulator Based Machine (it has only 2
integer registers).

Does anyone know a different kind of p-code which is more general ? Any
suggestion regarding this is very welcome.

I appreciate any help and suggestion. Thank you.

Stephen Suryaputra
Electrical Engineering Dept.
Sekolah Tinggi Teknik Surabaya

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