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Sat, 24 Jun 1995 00:07:17 GMT

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From: 72614.1667@CompuServe.COM (Robert Craig)
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Summary: Reposted by Keith Petersen
Date: Sat, 24 Jun 1995 00:07:17 GMT
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Organization: SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm)
Status: RO

I have uploaded to SimTel, the Coast to Coast Software Repository (tm),
(available by anonymous ftp from the primary mirror site
and the secondary mirrors of SimTel):

SimTel/msdos/misclang/ Euphoria programming language v1.3

Euphoria is a new programming language that is simple, flexible, powerful
and easy to learn. It features a high-speed interpreter (10-20x faster
than Microsoft QBasic), a source debugger, and an execution profiler.
Euphoria eliminates the DOS 640K memory limit by running programs in
32-bit protected mode under DOS, Windows, Windows NT or OS/2. Program
development with Euphoria is quicker and easier than with conventional
languages. The complete Euphoria Reference Manual is included, as well
as 13,000 lines of Public Domain Euphoria source code for: a full-screen
multi-file editor with color syntax highlighting; a fractal generator;
a 3-D TicTacToe program; several SVGA graphics demos; a random dot
stereogram program; a space war game; benchmarks; and many more.

Special requirements: 386 or higher processor

Changes: 20 new library routines added. Editor is much improved. Fast
bitmap graphics. Manual has more detail and examples. New demo programs
and utilities. Lots of other improvements. has replaced

ShareWare. Uploaded by the author.

Rob Craig
Rapid Deployment Software

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