reminder --- Workshop on Languages, Compilers, & Tools for Real-Time (Thomas Marlowe)
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 11:00:22 GMT

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reminder --- Workshop on Languages, Compilers, & Tools for Real-Time (1995-06-03)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.realtime,comp.lang.ada
From: (Thomas Marlowe)
Followup-To: comp.lang.sigplan
Keywords: realtime, conference
Organization: Rutgers University LCSR
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 11:00:22 GMT
Status: RO

                                                ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
          Languages, Compilers and Tools for Real-Time Systems (LCT-RTS '95)
                              (In Conjunction with ACM SIGPLAN PLDI/PEPM)
                                                  La Jolla, California
                                                      June 21-22, 1995

                                    Program and Registration Information

ACM SIGPLAN LCT-RTS '95 is an interface between two dynamic fields of
computer science and engineering: programming languages and real-time
systems. LCT-RTS provides a forum where top researchers in these areas can
share their results and directions, and where they can form new
collaborations based on common interests.

LCT-RTS '95 directly follows the conclusion of PLDI '95. The workshop
program includes 16 presentations on new research results, and
one panel session on the topic of Software Interfaces.


            12:00 Conclusion of PLDI '95

1:30 - 2:00 Introduction to LCT-RTS '95

2:00 - 3:30 Session I: Scheduling & Timing Analysis

    o T.-Y. Huang, J. Liu, (Illinois, USA), "Predicting the worst-case execution
                time of the concurrent execution of instructions and cycle-stealing DMA
                I/O operations"

    o J. Lee, S. Lee, H. Kim, (Korea Telecomm & Kyunghee U, Korea), "Scheduling
                of hard-aperiodic tasks in hybrid static/dynamic priority systems"

    o K. D. Nielsen, B. Rygg, (Iowa State, USA), "Worst-case execution time
                analysis on modern processors"

3:30 - 4:00 Break

4:00 - 6:00 Session II: Language Design & Development

    o F. Bonfatti, G. Gadda, P. D. Monari, (U Modena & CMA Spa, Italy),
                "Re-usable software design for programmable logic controllers"

    o T. Chung, H. Dietz, (Purdue, USA), "Language constructs and transformation
                for hard real-time systems"

    o S. Ren, G. Agha, (Illinois, USA), "RTsynchronizer: Language support for
                real-time specifications in distributed systems"

    o F. Thoen, M. Cornero, G. Goossens, H. De Man, (IMEC, Belgium), "Software
              synthesis for real-time information systems"

6:00 - 8:00 Dinner (on your own)

8:00 -10:00 Discussions/Birds-of-a-feather


7:30 - 8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30 - 10:00 Session III: Analysis Methods

    o S. Campos, E. Clarke, W. Marrero, M. Minea, (Carnegie Mellon, USA),
              "Verus: A tool for quantitative analysis of finite-state real-time

    o M. Jourdan, F. Maraninchi, (VERIMAG, France), "Static timing analysis of
                real-time systems"

    o Y. Li, S. Malik, (Princeton, USA), "Performance analysis of embedded
                software using implicit path enumeration"

10:00 - 10:30 Break

10:30 - 12:00 Session IV: Tools

    o L. Ko, D. Whalley, (Florida State, USA), "Supporting user-friendly
                analysis of timing constraints"

    o H. Kopetz, Nossal, (Tech U Wien, Austria), "The Cluster compiler -- a
                tool for the design of time-triggered real-time systems"

    o D. Wilner, (Wind River Systems, USA), "WindView: A tool for understanding
                real-time embedded software through system visualization"

12:00 - 1:30 Lunch

  1:30 - 3:00 Panel: Appropriate Interfaces Between Design Tools, Languages
                                              Compilers and Runtimes in Real-Time Systems Development

                                        - Where are the connections and separations?
                                        - How can a separation of concerns be maintained?

3:00 - 3:30 Break

3:30 - 5:00 Session V: Compilers

    o F. Mueller, (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany), "Compiler
                support for software-based cache partitioning"

    o A. Bakkers, J. Sunter, E. Ploeg, (U. Twente, Netherlands), "Automatic
                generation of scheduling and inter-process communication code in
                parallel real-time programs for transputers"

    o S. Schneider, V. Chen, J. Steele, G. Pardo-Castellote, (Real-Time
                Innovations Inc, USA), "The ControlShell component-based real-time
                programming system, and its applications to the Marsokhod
                Martian rover"

5:00 - 5:30 Wrap-up



Alan Burns (University of York)
Richard Gerber, Co-Chair (University of Maryland)
Rajiv Gupta (Univ of Pittsburgh)
Mary Hall (Caltech)
Connie Heitmeyer (Naval Research Lab)
Insup Lee (University of Pennsylvania)
Al Mok (University of Texas at Austin)
Thomas Marlowe, Co-Chair (Seton Hall University, NJIT RTCL)
Steve Tjiang (Synopsys Inc.)


Richard Gerber Thomas Marlowe
Department of Computer Science Department of Mathematics
University of Maryland Seton Hall University
College Park, MD 20742, USA South Orange NJ 07079, USA
telephone: +1 301 405 2710 telephone: +1 201 761 9784
fax: +1 301 405 6707 fax: +1 201 761 9596


              ACM Programming Languages Summer Extravaganza
              --- ----------- --------- ------ ------------

June 18-28, 1995, Hyatt Regency Hotel, La Jolla, California

                                    Registration information

ACM SIGPLAN Conference on
Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI '95)
18-21 June 1995

ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Language, Compiler, and Tools
for Real-Time Systems (LCT-RTS '95)
21-22 June 1995

ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Partial Evaluation
and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM '95)
21-23 June 1995

Haskell Workshop
25 June 1995

SIGPLAN/SIGARCH/WG2.8 Conference on Functional
Programming Languages and Computer Architecture (FPCA '95)
25-28 June 1995

All information is available via the World-Wide Web at

or via ftp in the directory

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PLDI/PEPM/FPCA '95 Hotel Reservations

Mention "Association for Computing Machinery" to receive the conference
rates, valid if you register by 28 May 1995.

          By Mail By Phone

Hyatt Regency La Jolla Voice: (800) 233--1234
3777 La Jolla Village Drive +1 (619) 552--1234
San Diego, CA 92122 Fax: +1 (619) 552--6066

Single or Double rate: $107 (+ 10.5% state tax)





Phone:____________________________ Fax:__________________________________

arrival date________________________________ number of nights____________

number of rooms________________________ number of people_________________

Room type (King bed or Two double beds)__________________________________

Smoking or Non-smoking?__________________________________________________

Special Needs:___________________________________________________________

Guarantee room by credit card? (VISA, MC, AMEX, Diners, Discover)

                  ___Visa ___Mastercard ___American Express

                                ___Diners Club ___Discover

Card number:_______________________________________ Expires______________


Registration Information

Submit one photocopy of the form for each attendee. Please print
or type all information to avoid errors on your badge.

To qualify for the lower rates, registration forms with full payment
must be postmarked by May 25, 1995.

    * Please make checks and money orders payable in U. S. dollars to
            ACM SIGPLAN '95.
    * Phone, e-mail, and faxed registrations must be paid by Visa,
            MasterCard, or American Express. American Express users, please
            provide your billing address if it is different from the address
            on the registration form.
    * Government vouchers and purchase orders are not accepted.

Requests for refunds must be postmarked by June 7, 1995. After this
date, cancellations and no-shows are liable for the full fees.

PLDI '95 registration includes a copy of the PLDI proceedings,
Tuesday night's catered Gab-Fest, 3 continental breakfasts,
coffee breaks, and lunch Monday and Tuesday of the conference.

PEPM '95 registration includes a copy of the PEPM proceedings,
the banquet, 2 continental breakfasts, coffee breaks, and
lunch Thursday and Friday of the conference.

FPCA '95 registration includes a copy of the FPCA proceedings,
admission to the FPCA Tutorial, the Sunday evening reception,
3 continental breakfasts, coffee breaks, and lunch Monday and
Tuesday of the conference.

PLDI Tutorial registration includes a copy of the notes,
lunch Sunday, and coffee breaks.

Real-Time Workshop registration includes a copy of the proceedings
preprints, lunch Thursday, and coffee breaks.

Haskell Workshop registration includes a copy of the notes
and coffee breaks.

Send registration form and full payment to:

                            ACM SIGPLAN '95
                            P. O. Box 8304
                            Maitland, FL 32794-8304

                                                                  For overnight mail:
        or Fax to: (407) 628-3186 Carole Mann
        Phone: (407) 628-3602 ACM SIGPLAN '95
        E-mail: Registration Systems Lab
                                                                  2060 Goldwater Court
                                                                  Maitland, FL 32751

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

Name tag should read:____________________________________________________

Affiliation: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________


Phone: ______________________________ Fax: _____________________________

Electronic mail: ________________________________________________________

ACM Membership Number: __________________________________________________

The list of attendees will be sent electronically, only to attendees.

May we include you on this list? ___yes ___no

Dietary preference? ___Vegetarian (may contain dairy, eggs)

___Vegan (no animal products) ___Kosher

Special needs or accommodations: ________________________________________

                                      Fee Schedule (in U. S. dollars)
                              please circle ALL applicable fees

                                                      Tutorial PLDI'95 Real-Time
                                                  Early Late Early Late Workshop
ACM & SIGPLAN member 150 17 275 300 90
ACM or SIGPLAN member 175 200 300 325 90
Non-member 175 200 325 350 100
full-time student 60 60 125 125

                                                      PEPM '95 FPCA '95 Haskell
                                                  Early Late Early Late Workshop
ACM & SIGPLAN member 310 385 310 310 30
ACM or SIGPLAN member 310 385 325 325 30
Non-member 385 460 350 450 30
full-time student 150 150 150 150

Students are welcome at the workshops, but there is no reduced fee.

Total (Conferences, Tutorial, Workshops):________________________________

                          ___check (US$, payable to SIGPLAN '95)

                  ___Visa ___MasterCard ___American Express

Card #: _________________________________________ Expires _______________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Signature of e-mail registrants will be required at the conference.

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