Threading parsers???

"W. James Colosky" <wjc@raster.Kodak.COM>
Thu, 11 May 1995 04:19:38 GMT

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From: "W. James Colosky" <wjc@raster.Kodak.COM>
Keywords: parse, question, comment
Organization: Eastman Kodak Company - DPSC
Date: Thu, 11 May 1995 04:19:38 GMT

I'm currently modifying an application where I forked many
parsers to process seperate input concurrently. I want to change
these forked processes to individual threads. Is flex & yacc MT-Safe
or is it easy to create mutex locks and unlocks around any globals
(ex: yytext).

Has anyone done something similar to this before, or have any

Thanks in advance
Jim Colosky
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[Bison has a pure parser option, but people tell me it doesn't work very well.
It shouldn't be too hard to hack up the parser and lexer skeletons to make them
threadable. -John]

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