CfP: ASF+SDF'95 - May 11 & 12, 1995 - Amsterdam

Eelco Visser <>
Thu, 27 Apr 1995 15:14:12 GMT

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CfP: ASF+SDF'95 - May 11 & 12, 1995 - Amsterdam (Eelco Visser) (1995-04-27)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Eelco Visser <>
Keywords: conference, specification
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 15:14:12 GMT


          A Workshop on Generating Tools from Algebraic Specifications

                                        CWI, Amsterdam, 11-12 May 1995

                                                Call for Participation
Over the past 5 years, a significant amount of research has been
invested in the development of the ASF+SDF algebraic specification
formalism, and the associated supporting system, the ASF+SDF
Meta-environment. The formalism is characterized by its notational
flexibility, and the system by its support for incrementality and
rapid prototyping. Currently, experience with the (industrial) use of
ASF+SDF is growing, relations with other approaches are being studied,
and a variety of drastic extension plans is being launched.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and ASF+SDF
users with an interest in the further development of ASF+SDF, and to
provide a platform for sharing experiences, for explaining relations
with other areas, and for discussing future directions.

  * Programming Research Group, University of Amsterdam
  * CWI, Amsterdam
  * Dutch Graduate School in Logic
  * Institute for Language, Logic, and Information
  * Foundation for Computer Science Research in the Netherlands (SION)

  * Mark van den Brand (University of Amsterdam)
  * Arie van Deursen (Eindhoven Technical University)
  * T.B. Dinesh (CWI)
  * Jasper Kamperman (CWI)
  * Eelco Visser (University of Amsterdam)


Day 1: May 11, 1995

9:00 Registration
9:55 Opening

10:00 P. Klint (CWI,UvA)
                ASF+SDF: Past, Present and Future
                invited paper

11:00 coffee break

Session I: Case Studies

11:15 M.G.J. van den Brand, S.M. Eijkelkamp, D.K.A. Geluk, H. Meijer,
                H.R. Osborne & M.J.F. Polling (UvA/KUN)
                "Program transformations using ASF+SDF"

11:45 S. Mauw & J.C. Mulder (TUE)
                "A PSF Library of Data Types"

12:15 S. Vigna (U. Milan)
                "Specifying Imp(G) Using ASF+SDF: A Case Study"

12:45 lunch

Session II: Syntax

14:15 E. Visser (UvA)
                "A Redesign of the Syntax Definition Formalism SDF"

14:45 M. V. Ferro & M.A.A. Pardo (Coruna)
                "Friendly Incremental Prototyping"

15:15 tea break

Session III: Visual Aspects

15:45 S. Uskudarli (UvA)
                "Specifying Visual Syntax via an Interpretation Tool"

16:15 M.G.J. van den Brand (UvA)
                "Pretty printing in the Asf+Sdf Meta-environment:
                  Past, Present, and Future"

16:45 Drinks
19:30 Workshop Dinner


Day 2: May 12, 1995

10:00 J. Heering (CWI)
                invited talk

11:00 coffee break

Session IV: Case Studies in Concurrency

11:15 S. Mauw & E. van der Meulen (TUE, UvA)
                "Specification of Tools for Message Sequence Charts"

11:45 V. Antimirov (CRIN & INRIA-Lorraine)
                "Applying Algebraic Specification and
                  Term Rewriting to the Algebra of Regular Events"

12:15 A. van Deursen (TUE)
                "A Simple Pi-calculus Manipulation Tool"

12:45 lunch

Session V: Demonstrations

13:45 Demonstrations

14:45 tea break

Session VI: Semantics

15:00 D. Naidich & T.B. Dinesh (Iowa, CWI)
                "Specifying an Automated Induction Proof Procedure in ASF+SDF"

15:30 T.B. Dinesh (CWI)
                "Injection Misdemeanors"

16:00 J.F.Th. Kamperman & H.R. Walters (CWI)
                "The new ASF Compiler -- An Excercise in Self-Applicability"

16:30 Discussion on submitted position statements and
                statements of intended future work

17:00 Drinks


                                          ASF+SDF'95 REGISTRATION FORM

Name: _________________________________________________________

Affiliation: __________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

The advance registration, before May 1st, fee is Dfl 100,-, and Dfl
25,- for students. Late registration amounts to Dfl 125,- and Dfl 50,-.

Included are two lunches, a joint dinner on Thursday evening, and a
copy of the participants edition of the proceedings. The student's fee
does not include the dinner.

The fee is to be paid, free of all charges, in Dutch Guilders either
by (tick the option chosen)

  - Money transfer (without charges for CWI) to account
      number of "STICHTING WISKUNDE EN
      Middenweg 88, Amsterdam.
      (Postal giro of bank: 187744); ____

  - Credit card ____

      Please charge Dfl (100 / 25, 125 / 50): ____

      American Express card ____

      VISA card ____

      MasterCard ____

      Card number |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|

      Expiration date |_|_| |_|_|

      Signature _______________________________________________

      Your signature is needed only if you pay by credit card.
      No cards other than American Express, VISA, or MasterCard

Make sure payments mention "ASF+SDF'95" and your name.

If you need any assistance with your hotel reservation, contact
Mrs. Mieke Brune (see address below). Relatively cheap rooms can
probably be booked by her at a rate of somewhat less than
Dfl 125/night.

Although getting a hotel room in Amsterdam in the first half of May
should not be a problem, we recommend you make your reservation at the
earliest possible date.

Information on how to reach CWI by public transport in Amsterdam will
be mailed to all participants in due course.

Return this form (preferably by email) to:

                                  Mrs. Mieke Brune
                                  Kruislaan 413
                                  1098 SJ Amsterdam
                                  The Netherlands

                                  phone: +31 20 592 4249
                                  fax: +31 20 592 4199

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