Introducing a new book about Little Languages and their processors

Mon, 17 Apr 1995 16:02:12 GMT

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Introducing a new book about Little Languages and their processors rkaplan@ACM.ORG (1995-04-17)
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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 16:02:12 GMT

Introducing a New Book about Little Languages, their interpreters, and

Constructing Language Processors for Little Languages
by Randy M. Kaplan

I have written a book about little languages and the construction
of processors for them. The book came out of my work teaching a graduate
course in Computer Languages. Although the ideas in and for the book came
from this course, it is a practical book that describes little languages,
their development, and the development of programs to process them.
In my course, I found that students got very excited about creating
their own languages and implementing them. The book
covers such things as compilers, interpreters, lex and yacc, etc. It
also describes some of the theoretical underpinnings of things like
compilers and interpreters. The book is published by John Wily & Sons
and includes a disk of code.

If you have access to the WWW, then you can look at the chapter
introductions on

I am looking for (1) people interested in this topic, willing to have a
look at the book, and promote it to others, and (2) people willing to
review the book for me - tell me what they think, how they might use
it (if at all), etc.

If you are interested in the book (1) I can offer it at a discount to
you provided you will "pass the word." If you want to review the book (2)
I can send a review copy to you.

Since this is my first book project, I am feeling my way with getting word
out. Any ideas that you might have would be appreciated.

I can be reached at or by telephone at 610.436.4570.

Thanks in advance for your interest and help.

Best regards,

Randy Kaplan

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