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HPFC '95 smd@ix.netcom.com (1995-04-20)
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From: smd@ix.netcom.com (Scott Denton)
Keywords: conference, report, FTP
Organization: Netcom
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:08:20 GMT

The High Performance Functional Computing (HPFC) Conference assembled April
9-11, 1995 in Denver Colorado. It was sponsored by Lawrence Livermore National
Laboratory (US Department of Energy) and co-sponsored by Colorado State
University. A total of 19 papers were accepted by the program committee for
presentation. In addition, Guy Steele presented the keynote address and
Jack Dennis moderated a panel discussion on nondeterminacy in functional

Conference papers in PostScript are available by WWW
and anonymous FTP
and hardcopy by request in limited quantities

HPFC '95 Papers

  o Integrating imperative and functional programming in real-world
      Thomas DeBoni, John Feo and Doug Peters (paper17.ps)
  o Application of a para-functional language to problems in computer algebra
      Wolfgang Schreiner (paper08.ps)
  o Sorting in an implicitly parallel programming environment: NAS benchmark
      IS on Monsoon
      Sumit Sur and Wim Bohm (paper19.ps)
  o Sisal 90
      John Feo, Patrick Miller, Stephen Skedzielewski, Scott Denton and Cindy
      Solomon (paper12.ps)
  o UFO: Language evolution and consequences of state
      John Sargeant, Steve Hooton and Chris Kirkham (paper04.ps)
  o Functional implementation of the Jacobi Eigen-Solver
      Wim Bohm and Robert Hiromoto (paper25.ps)
  o An overview of the Adl language project
      Brad Alexander, Dean Englehardt and Andrew Wendelborn (paper13.ps)
  o Caml Flight: A portable SPMD extension of ML for distributed memory
      Christian Foisy and Emmanuel Chailloux (paper16.ps)
  o Digit-index permutation algorithms for FFT computations: An applicative
      Jaime Seguel, Dorothy Bollman and John Feo (paper27.ps)
  o Update-in-place analysis for true multidimensional arrays
      Steve Fitzgerald and Rodney R. Oldehoeft (paper09.ps)
  o The impact of laziness on parallelism and the limits of strictness analysis
      G. Tremblay and Guan Gao (paper11.ps)
  o Extracting characteristics from functional programs for mapping to massively
      parallel machines
      A.C. Sodan and Heiko Brock (paper14.ps)
  o Static mapping of functional programs: An example in signal processing
      Jack Dennis (paper24.ps)
  o fsc: A Sisal compiler for both distributed- and shared-memory machines
      Vincent Freeh and Gregory Andrews (paper20.ps)
  o Compiler enforced cache coherence using a functional language
      Richard Wolski and David Cann (paper15.ps)
  o Constructing skeletons in Clean: The bare bones
      Marco Kesseler (paper30.ps)
  o Exploiting locality in a stateless data-flow architecture
      David Snelling (paper10.ps)
  o Visualising granularity in parallel programs: A graphical winnowing system
      for Haskell
      Kevin Hammond, Hans Loidl and Andrew Partridge (paper07.ps)
  o Profiling large-scale lazy functional programs and Appendix
      R. G. Morgan and S. A. Jarvis (paper05.ps)

HPFC '95 Panels
  o Nondeterminacy in functional programming: An essential feature or a
      Programmer's Nightmare
      Jack Dennis, Shail Aditya, Wim Bohm, Chris Kirkham, James McGraw (panel01.ps)

Scott Denton (smd@llnl.gov)
Institute for Scientific Computing Research
Lawrence Liverore National Laboratory

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