Summer School on Partial Evaluation (Charles Consel)
Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:07:08 GMT

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Summer School on Partial Evaluation (1995-04-20)
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From: (Charles Consel)
Keywords: courses
Organization: IRISA-INRIA, Campus de Beaulieu, F-35042 Rennes Cedex
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:07:08 GMT

                                                SUMMER SCHOOL ON PARTIAL EVALUATION

                                                        A one-week intensive course

                                              IRISA/INRIA and University of Rennes I

Campus of the University of Rennes I
                                                            Rennes, France
                                          Monday-Friday, July 3-7, 1995

                                      Charles Consel Olivier Danvy

   (sponsored by University of Rennes I and Inria)

Partial evaluation is an automatic program transformation technique
that specializes programs with respect to partial knowledge of their
input. Although simple in concept, partial evaluation has some rather
surprising applications and far-reaching implications for automatic
program transformation. In particular, many problems can be shown to
be ``specializations'' of a more general problem. Partial evaluation
has been used in many areas such as compiler generation, scientific
computing, computer graphics, pattern matching, and more recently
operating system.

This summer school, to be held at IRISA, on the Beaulieu University
Campus, in Rennes, France, aims at introducing the principles,
techniques, and applications of partial evaluation. This presentation
will be done in the context of Consel's partial evaluator for
procedural programs, called Schism. Students will get hands-on
experience with the course concepts by working directly with Schism,
studying both its use and its internals. Also, various applications
of partial evaluation will be covered such as pattern matching and
parameterized programming. Finally, in addition to the main lectures
by Consel and Danvy, there will be advanced lectures given by invited

- "The Evolution of Partial Evaluators: Removing Inherited Limits"
    By Torben Mogensen, DIKU

- "A Set-Based Binding-Time Analysis for ML"
    By Nevin Heintz, Carnegie Mellon University

- "A Partial Evaluator for C and its Application to Operating System Code"
    By Jacques Noye, IRISA


The school is targeted to both junior and more senior researchers.
Our planned lectures will cover all aspects of partial evaluation, and
participants will be guided in group implementation projects based on

The lecture notes will be based on Consel and Danvy's forthcoming
partial-evaluation book, to be published at The MIT Press.


Charles Consel is on the faculty of the Computer Science Department of
the University of Rennes I/Irisa, in France.

Olivier Danvy is on the faculty of the Computer Science Department of
Aarhus University, in Denmark.


The registration fee for the course is FF1300 for students and FF1600
for non-students. After May 31, registration fees will be raised by
FF300. Registration fee includes attendance at all of the lectures,
one set of printed and bound course notes, and lunch. In addition,
one group dinner will be provided. A limited number of scholarships
is available.

The registration fee for the course should be payable to "Agent
comptable de l'Inria" in French Francs. (Credit cards are not
accepted, only checks and money orders.)

Attendance at the school will be strictly limited in order to have a
small and productive course. We therefore recommend that you apply
before May 31, 1995.

Three types of local accomodations are available: on-campus dorm rooms
(FF 81 per person and per night for single occupancy), and two kinds
of hotel rooms (FF183 and FF260 for single occupancy). Dorms are
within easy walking distance of the lecture hall. Both hotels are
located in downtown Rennes and are 10 minutes away from the campus by
public transportation.

Please fill out the following form if you want to make a reservation
for a dorm room or an hotel room. Considering the number of requests
for hotel rooms, reservations are directly handled by Elisabeth Lebret
( Please contact her to get hotel rates.


Room Type (circle one): Dorm Hotel-FF183 Hotel-FF260

Guest Name: ______________________________________

Address: _____________________________________



Phone: _____________ Fax: _____________ E-mail: ___________________

Arr. Date: ___________________Dep.: ___________________

Reservations for late arrivals (after 6:00pm) must be guaranteed with a
major credit card.

Credit Card: ______________________________________
                              (card name/number/expiration date)

Signature: ______________________________________


Please send the registration fee and the room reservation to

Elisabeth Lebret
Irisa / Inria
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes Cedex
Phone: (+33) 99 84 72 51
Fax: (+33) 99 84 71 71


For more information contact or
An information package will be sent upon registration (train schedule,
city map, airlines, ...)

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