Bison-A2.3 README update
Fri, 31 Mar 1995 19:52:59 GMT

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Bison-A2.3 README update (1995-03-31)
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Date: Fri, 31 Mar 1995 19:52:59 GMT

The README for bison-A2.3 has been updated to indicate how to adapt the
C++parser for non-Andrew environments. (Just delete the offending

It is available for anonymous ftp from

or via the web on

Fred Hansen

Extract from README:

Bison version A2.3

Bison is the GNU parser generator; an alternative to yacc. This directory
contains Bison version A2.3, derived from GNU Bison version 1.22.
It also includes parser generators for C and C++ which have these advantages

No symbol conflicts. Each parser is represented by a single name.
Shared parser code. All grammars use a single instance of the
parser object code.
C++ object. For C++, the generated parser is an object.
License free. The license on the parser code permits effectively
unhindered use.

Bison-A2.3 has these advantages over other versions of Bison:

Errors in the grammar do not terminate input; all errors are
found in one pass. A complete example and test case is
the file mess.y in the distribution.

Tokens may now be specified as multiple-character strings:
"<=" can appear where formerly would have to be LESSEQ.


Note on C++parser: This code has some vestigial ATK references.
For non-Andrew usage delete the lines containing "ATK" and "andrewos",
except retain the class declaration and change it to
class parser {


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